Against the 1-9 San Francisco 49ers, any of the Miami Dolphins would be smart fantasy picks. Either the Dolphins will show what the rest of the league has against a bad defense, or they’ll be playing from behind and throwing often. The Dolphins will possibly be down 2 out of 5 starters on Sunday. If last week’s matchup was any indication of their struggles, then Miami could be in a world of hurt.

So who will be their stand-out performers?

Devante Parker may not be the obvious first pick, but he should be. In limited work his rookie season, Devante Parker put up the kind of talent to prove he can be a number one receiver. Parker again was slowed by injuries to start this season but flashed another big game in New England.

Then he got hurt. Again.

Now, Parker claims he’s almost 100% and ready to work which is a great sign for Miami. In his past two games, Parker has been a major factor. He and quarterback Ryan Tannehill are finding their rhythm. The second-year receiver has caught 13 of the 18 passes thrown his way for 182 yards and a touchdown.

With one of the worst records in football, the Niners will be hungry for a win. However, with the league’s worst run defense and 19th in the league in passing yards, the Dolphins should be able to get things moving on offense. Miami should be able to mix up the pass and run the game well enough for receivers to be open.

Devante Parker should enjoy success against a weak defensive team. With Kenny Stills averaging 17.7 yards per catch and opponents having to account for Jarvis Landry, Parker should have free range to open up his skill set.

Kenny Stills can take the defenses opening up the field for the short game. However, defenses can’t sleep on Parker as he can take defenders deep as well. Once Ryan Tannehill gets comfortable finding him in the red zone, he’ll be one of the Dolphins biggest playmakers.

Devante Parker against a bad San Francisco team is a definite starter for your fantasy team.