Welcome everyone to our next installment of the FantasyJAM pregame show, Pre-JAM here on The Inscriber Digital Magazine. This is one of the first multi-platform columns of its kind, as it mixes the power of the pen and web with the power of the podcast.

Each week my partner, Chad “The Buffalo” Setera and I will write a Pre-JAM column where we will debate 3 topics. After each of us has presented our argument in this column, we will finish the debates on our show FantasyJAM every Thursday night from 8p – 9:30p EST on the Inscriber Digital Radio Network. That way, YOU can be a part of the debate by either calling in live or tweeting the show. That may be the biggest part of the thing, your involvement.

The only rules we have is that one of the three topics will be Fantasy Sports related. That’s it.

Without further ado, here is this week’s first Pre-JAM Topic:

1) Which non-playoff team will have the best chance to make the playoffs in 2015?

(Fish) As I am sure you ALL know right now, BOTH my partner and I are HUGE Buffalo Bills fans, which is why HE is going to try and sell you on the Bills being the one team who missed the Playoffs last season, who will make it back. I say as long as they don’t have a REAL QB, enjoy 8-8.

No the team that will be there NEXT season is the Minnesota Vikings. This was a 7-9 team from a year ago that lost 5 games in the final minutes. Add in a year of experience for QB Teddy Bridgewater, the addition of speedster wide out Mike Wallace and of course, the return of the BEST RB in the game in Adrian Peterson.

Peterson who missed 15 games last season will be so well rested and running with a chip on his shoulder. So what’s NOT to love about this team? I mean it’s not like the rest of the Division is awesome, this Vikings team has a chance to be very dangerous, and one of the 8 teams in the playoffs in 2015.

(Buffalo) Fish is dead on… I am convinced the drought that has lasted since the “Music City Miracle”- over 15 years ago, will finally come to an end. The Buffalo Bills will be the team to make the playoffs that didn’t make it in 2014.

Let’s see… They rid, well he ridded, themselves of a very conservative head coach and hired one that has been known to take the risks that are necessary to win in Rex Ryan. The defense, which ranked 2nd in the NFL last year, loses only one player and they get that head coach that is defensive minded… Sounds like a perfect match.

The issue might be the offense… Well, ok, how was that addressed in the offseason? Top 5 productive RB in the NFL… Check. Dynamic H-Back/TE… Check. New Offensive Coordinator… One that is known for producing a lot of yards on the ground and utilizing the H-Back… Check.

But, they didn’t get a QB… Or did they? EJ Manuel is in the fold, they traded for Matt Cassell (Subject to DNA test to ensure he really isn’t 100 years old), and Raven back-up QB Tyrod Taylor. Now, I am not saying any of these three are the saviors… But I would take any of these three over the likes of Mark Rypien, Trent Dilfer, Jim McMahan, Brad Johnson, and Jeff Hostetler… And all of them won the Super Bowl because… Wait for It… a SUPER BOWL DEFENSE!!

And for that reason alone… The Defense. The Buffalo Bills will return to the playoffs and seriously could contend for something greater. Watch and See.

2) Who should be Seth Rollins Opponent for the WWE Title at Summer Slam?

(Fish) It seems like the WWE has already decided that John Cena should be the man to face Seth Rollins for the title at the SECOND biggest Pay-Per-View of the season. But in this case, I think the powers that be are dead wrong.

While earlier this year I had predicted that it would be Triple H vs Seth Rollins, I now believe that storyline will be put off until maybe even Survivor Series in November. No, the BEST challenge for Rollins will be the Swiss Superman Cesaro.

He has quickly become a fan favorite, put on TWO match of the year candidates with John Cena for the US Title, and has the charisma and strength to be able to pull it off. It is obvious the WWE is giving him a BIG push now anyway, after fighting in the Main Event of both Smackdown and RAW.

He has already been the Tag Team Champ with Tyson Kidd, so this is not such a HUGE step for him. Yes Dean Ambrose and/or Roman Reigns would also work, but those have been kind of done too, so look for Cesaro to become the NEXT WWE CHAMP.

(Buffalo) We keep hearing the haters say, no… not Cena, he’s done… He is holding back the top talent. We keep hearing the WWE saying Seth Rollins is the “Future of the WWE.” He has held the title since WrestleMania and has “conquered” the beast in the last pay per view. BUT, what we haven’t seen is the official passing of the torch.

We all know the run of Cena can’t last much longer; however, we also know without Cena passing the torch, we could have a long drawn out end of a career… (Clearing Throat- Undertaker). So what the WWE needs to do at Summer Slam is quite obvious… Cena vs. Rollins.

Now I am not a writer of the WWE, nor do I claim to be, but allowing Cena v. Rollins to happen gives the WWE a few angles to work with. 1) Cena, although I am hoping would lose to Rollins, would still be the US Champion allowing the integrity of that title to remain. 2) Rollins would be the self-proclaimed best of the best and thus would infuriate Triple H giving us the presumed rivalry for Survivor Series. 3) Would allow the younger talent to gain momentum and prove themselves in the spot light even more. Do we really think Reigns, Wyatt, Ambrose, or Owens are ready to carry the championship belt? Not quite. And 4) would allow Brock Lesner to finish off the likes of the Undertaker and maybe Sting before getting back into the title mix around Royal Rumble.

Cena vs. Rollins… might not like it, but expect it.

3) Who is the better Fantasy QB Russell Wilson or Cam Newton?

(Fish) Finally we ask who is the better Fantasy QB Russell Wilson or Cam Newton. So far we have had plenty of different debates, and I cannot think of one that is more one-sided than this one.

If we are talking about who is a better QB for their team, I think the debate is a totally different one. But when it comes to fantasy, Newton is CLEARLY a QB1, whereas Wilson is lucky to be a bye-week replacement.

Newton can easily (and has done), put up 300+ yards passing and 100+ yards running in a game. He has a GREAT weapon in Kelvin Benjamin, along with a solid running game and, oh yeah, Greg Olsen.

Meanwhile, Wilson several times in a season will have under 150 yards passing, under 60 yards rushing in a game, and as long as the Seahawks win, it is all good. But a team that relies so heavily on their BEAST MODE (Marshawn Lynch), Wilson and passing will NEVER be the focal point of the offense. Yes, adding Jimmy Graham does make him a little better, but Graham had such great numbers because Drew Brees was throwing him the ball too.

I think the numbers will easily bare out that Newton is a MUCH better choice as a Fantasy QB

(Buffalo) Stat Line… 3475 yards, 20 TD’s, 849 yards and six rushing TD’s or 3127 yards, 18 TD’s, 539 yards and five rushing TD’s. Yes… Like Fish said… This one is more clear than the other.

Cam Newton has young receivers like Kelvin Benjamin and a pretty good TE in Greg Olsen, but where is his running game? Jonathan Stewart? Come on now… does that scare anyone? NO!! But my partner says Newton has easily better stats, better weapons, and a solid running game.


The first stats DON’T belong to Cam Newton. Those belong to the obvious choice in this argument, Russell Wilson.

In 2014… Russell Wilson lost a dynamic weapon in Percy Harvin do to trade and yet he still with the receivers he has… Jermaine Kearse and Doug Baldwin put together better stats. 300 more yards, 2 passing TDs, 300 yds more on the ground and 1 more rushing TD than Newton.

In 2015… Those receivers are a year older and they get the best playmaking TE in the NFC- Jimmy Graham. Not to mention… Or have I intentionally not mentioned to this point the best power running back in the game, Marshawn Lynch.

I can see where people are enamored with Benjamin more than the receivers in Seattle… But the bottom line is this, numbers don’t lie and numbers tell you without Jimmy Graham- Russell Wilson is the better choice. With him, the choice is that much easier.

Well there you have it. Two separate but thought-provoking points of view. Do any of these arguments make you feel like raging? Well don’t keep it in, be a part of the show. We invite you to join us EVERY Thursday night on FantasyJAM on the Inscriber Digital Radio Network, from 8p – 9:30p EST and give us your thoughts by leaving us comments on our Facebook page.

~Andrew “Fish” Fain @thefish1969 ~”The Buffalo” Chad Setera @sportsjamchad

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