As children we learn the adage, cheaters never prosper. Either Tom Brady was never a child (doubtful), or he just never learned his lesson.

By now we are all aware of “Deflategate” and what the league thought of it. I know that people thought the NFL came down hard on the Patriots, after all, the under-inflated balls really had nothing to do with the outcome of the game. But the point is, they were cheating, and even worse, this is the second time as an organization the Patriots had been caught doing something illegal (remember Spygate?).

The biggest part of the punishment however was the suspension of the NFL’s darling, Tom Brady for four games. From Boston to Sag Harbor people were up in arms over this. Complaining that Roger Goodell was “out to get them”.

First of all, shut up!

Goodell and your owner Robert Kraft are best of friends, so if anything, he went easy on Brady. Secondly, if you didn’t cheat, you wouldn’t be suspended, period.

Don’t start bitching and whining about it, suck it up and take your punishment.

Of course, as is his right, Brady appealed the four-game suspension, saying he thought it was too harsh. Now the appeal has been denied, and all hell is breaking loose. Brady has told his representatives to go ahead and file an injunction in Federal Court that will allow him to play while it works its way through the court system. Now correct me if I am wrong, if something is collectively bargained, as the NFL contract with the players is, doesn’t that mean that the courts stay out of it?

Isn’t that the entire point of a CBA?

Apparently, the big point for Brady is that he wants everyone to know that the suspension is not for cheating, but for failing to cooperate with the investigation. I thought that was more than apparent when it came out on Tuesday that Brady had instructed his assistant to destroy the cellphone he had been using since early November 2014, a period that included the AFC title game against the Colts and the initial weeks of the subsequent investigation.

Brady already has image issues around the league from people who are not Patriots fans. Between he and Peyton Manning, people feel like the “you can’t touch the QB rules” are made specifically for them. So his image as a Prima Donna is in full effect, if he goes through with the lawsuit, he will end up proving everyone right.

So my advice is this, you did the crime now be a man and do the time. Let Jimmy Garoppolo lead the Patriots the first four games of the season, then come back and play with a chip on your shoulder. That way, your play on the field will shut the critics off the field up.

Otherwise, you deserve all the crap you will get for being a bigger diva than Cher ever could have dreamed of being.

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