By Sandra Walters

Fashion and beauty is all about taking care of your appearance. From fashionable dressing to glowing skin, how you look can have a significant effect on your self-esteem, personal and professional life. The following are guidelines on how to maintain your image.


  •  Accessorizing properly is a key step towards creating different looks with similar items. This means that with the right accessories the same pieces in your closet can be diversified by simply wearing accessories.
  •  Jewelry, scarves, hats, belts and gloves are among the accessories that you can choose from. Identify what works for you and observe your entire outfit before you accessorize.
  •  Making the right choices will have a major impact on your outfits, including simple ones and accentuate your features.

Wardrobe Review

It is important to review your wardrobe regularly and get rid of things that you do not want to wear anymore. You can donate the items that you do not need and create space for new items that work well with the current pieces that you want to keep. Learn to be innovative with the clothes that you have and create a variety of combinations.

Mix and Match

Latest trends can help you to become more fashionable but if you prefer a minimalistic approach, you need to know how to mix and match different items. Organize your garments into various outfits and spare some time to try out different looks at home.

Flattering Clothes

Find out the types of clothing that look good on you and those that do not. If something is fashionable but is not right for your body type or style, look for something else. Determine what is stylish and flattering by setting aside some time to discover the best combinations, the items that define your shape and bring out your best features. Get a manicure here.

Dealing with Dry Skin

When you notice that your skin is becoming flaky and dry, you need to implement certain techniques and use the right products to restore its smooth and supple texture. The natural aging process can take a toll on your skin and a consistent skincare routine is necessary for healthy and youthful skin.


Moisturizing your skin will help to protect it from the drying effects of exposure to the environment. Use a hydrating product and apply it after your shower or bath. The best time to apply a moisturizing

product is when your skin is damp because this makes it easier for it to be absorbed. If you are prone to dry skin, consider carrying a portable container of your favorite product and use it during the day when parts of your skin become dry or sore.

Oil Treatment for Skin

  •  Give your skin a deep conditioning treatment regularly with oil that works for you. Rub the oil generously on the skin. Natural oil such as such as almond and oil are the best options for this purpose because of their soothing effect.
  •  Try different moisturizing products until you find the right one for your skin.
  •  After a deep conditioning oil treatment, allow the product to penetrate your skin and you can wash it off the next morning.

Author Bio: Sandra Walters is a freelance writer and fashion enthusiast. She has written for various publications and mainly covers aspects of fashion and style. During her free time she likes to try out new recipes and watch movies. Visit the site for more about where to get a manicure.

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