Thanks to being worn by the likes of three-time NBA champion Dwyane Wade and Modern Family star, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, the Tie Bar is beginning to turn heads.

The Tie Bar, an online retailer that specializes in men’s dress ties, has been featured in publications such as GQ Magazine, NBC and USA Today, as one of the hippest and freshest retailers on the rise.

Thanks to their steady rise in the world of fashion and style, The Tie Bar has a list of customer testimonials ranging from former Republican presidential candidate and Fox News Channel contributor, Mike Huckabee to Charlie Rymer of the Golf Channel.

The Tie Bar’s growing appeal has also reach the levels of sports, music and entertainment, as a who’s who have been sighted wearing Tie Bar apparel such as, Four-time NBA MVP LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Bradley Cooper, Oscar winner Matthew McConahuey, Emmy award winner Robert Downey Jr, Justin Timberlake, Jeff Bridges, Arctic Monkeys front man, Alex Turner, Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston, Kevin Jonas, Denzel Washington, Jimmy Fallon, Jim Belushi, Michael Fessbender, Jake Gylennhall, Jay-Z, Jeremy Lin, Channing Tatum, Drake, Jon Hamm, Chris Paul, Bruce Willis, Neil Patrick Harris and Selene Gomez.

Clearly, The Tie Bar is setting the new stand of affordable fashion in a fast-paced world full of high-end tastes and luxury.

Started by the husband and wife team of former Chicago-area attorneys, Greg and Gina Shugar in 2004, as an alternate to high-end retail priced ties in their own living room, the Tie Bar has expanded into various accessories such as suspenders, metal collar stays, pocket squares, tie bars, scarves, cufflinks, socks, shoelaces, cufflinks, bow ties, skinny ties and lapel flowers.

In addition to being able to browse through a selection of ties ranging from silk, wool, cotton, linen, silk knot and wool knot, shoppers are also able to peruse by color, pattern options ranging from striped, plaid, geometric/polka dot, skinny dot, paisley/floral skinny, solid skinny and conversational skinny. The aforementioned Ferguson and Wade also have their own signature lines as well for visitors to choose from.

With an impressive collection of apparel to choose from, what really sets The Tie Bar apart is both it’s interactive features such as the “Tie Know-How” section that has links to the official Tie Bar blog, that has new posts on tips, the self-explanatory “How To Tie A Tie” section that shows one how to tie various knots such as the windsor, half windsor, four in hand, pratt (shelby), bow tie and ascots, the “Tie Care” section that shows one how to care for their tie and the “Tie  Size Guide” that helps one in the event that they are unsure about what is the best width.

The main selling point of The Tie Bar is the price of their impressively made ties that start of at $15.00 with a flat rate shipping price of $5.99—extra length ties go for $20.00—One can quickly change their religion at The Tie Bar.

Much to the chagrin of this writer’s ever-loving wife, I can personally attest to the fine quality, customer service and quality of The Tie Bar, as I’ve purchased 14 ties—whose current favorite is the “Square Apart – Navy Regular Length” necktie-from them since December, which comes to exactly $223.86 without shipping.

To put that in perspective, if one were to go into a high-end department store such as Macy’s, Nordstroms or even the ever-pricey Brooks Brothers, one would be lucky to even find one or two ties for the same price.

Bottom line: The Tie Bar is where it’s at. For a little over twenty dollars, one can find a tie just as nice and of the same quality of Nautica, Geoffrey Beene and Michael Kors without the worry and hassle of blowing one’s budget.

If you haven’t by now, do yourself—and your wallet—a favor and check out the hottest name—and best-kept secret—in menswear, The Tie Bar today.

Special thanks to Erin from the Tie Bar for helping with this feature piece.

Robert D. Cobb Is the ever GQ-stylish CEO/Founder/Senior Editor-In-Chief of the InscriberMag : Digital Magazine and a member of the PFWA(Pro Football Writers Association), please follow him on Twitter at @RC_TheInscriberMag

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