By Lauren Bracy

Longspan shelving can be useful in managing your heavy goods in an organized and in a less space consuming way.

As we know that for the heavy goods, we generally, require a lot of space to arrange them, but the longspan shelving can solve such a problem by helping you to manage your heavy goods in a less space.

These types of shelving are mostly used for the industrial purposes and if you have a business running, this can be useful to you to maintain your storage or warehouse. The various features of this type of shelving helps in making it easier to manage the heavy-duty loads. The various salient features of the longspan shelving are:

Adjustable level heights– The most interesting feature about this type of shelving is that the level height can be adjusted according to the requirement. The customizable level height can make it easier to store heavy goods of various types and adjust within the same rack.

Say you want to store tall things in the upper level and short things in the lower levels in the same rack- this is the best type for you. This makes it popular among heavy-duty storage managers.

Multi type decking due to its unique design– In most of the heavy-duty storage, they come in either of the various decking options available. However, the unique design of this type of storage makes it possible to have all types of decking- steel decking, wooden decking, and mesh decking to fit in this.

You can choose your preferable decking with all other features being constant.

Customizable levels– Each level can be customized according to your requirement. The height and the depth of each level can be differently made, as per the requirement. Each of the levels have its own unique height and depth for managing your heavy-duty goods.

Multi-tier light duty system – If you want to manage a few of your light duty goods within the same rack, then you can have a multi-tier light duty rack attached as a single level enabling you to use it as a light duty and heavy duty storage mix. The multi-tier is made according to your requirement if you are looking for a single tier or double tier in specific way, you can get it customized accordingly.

Different walkways as per the amount of the load – Various walkways can be made like -steel panel, perforated panel, wooden walkway, etc. as per your requirement and according to the load to put on the various levels.

Suitable material transfers system can be implanted for the easy transfer of goods to the various levels- Chutes (titled passage for the uni-directional movement of goods) freight lifts for the easy and safe movement of the goods into various levels and conveyors to move the goods in the horizontal and vertical panels. The challenge to move the heavy goods can be best sorted out by the longspan shelving.

Special designs to make it seismic proof and to use it in sub-zero temperatures- Imagine your longspan shelves falling during an earthquake can cause serious and severe damage. Therefore, they are specially designed to seismic resistant and thus can help avoiding greater accidents during the earthquakes. As they are used for industrial purposes, therefore, they are also designed to stay in a good condition in sub-zero temperatures when used in cold storages and other similar places.

Overall, these are some of the features of the longspan shelving, which helps in managing the heavy-duty storage requirements.

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