By Zoe Sewell

With the entire world showing its concern about things like carbon footprint, global warming, depletion of ozone layer, melting of polar ice, change of climate and all such environmental issues, it should be the personal responsibility of every human on the planet to adopt an eco-friendly life style.

Many have started taking steps towards it and some have come a long way on the road of eco-friendly living.

No industry has been untouched by the zest of being eco-friendly and so is the industry of packaging supplies. Manufacturers, transporters and exporters all over the world are in constant search of eco-friendly solutions for packaging.

Saying No to Plastic Is the First Step Taken!

All of us know that excessive usage of plastic has polluted our land, water and air to a considerable extent.

Our rivers and other water bodies are getting chocked by this plastic and it is a potential threat to the lives of air, water and land. Packaging industry has taken its first step as a responsibility towards the environment by saying no to plastics.

Whether it is the use of corrugated cardboard boxes for packaging and transportation of goods or many big retailers charging extra for the plastic bag, a wave of awareness can be seen in all. It has also been noticed that with all the big brands promoting paper bags, it has become a status symbol to carry designer paper bags for distinct items and gifting purpose.

Plastic bags are often seen as low grade packaging supplies while paper bags suddenly add awe to the product.

Not Only the Packaging but The Supplements Have Changed Too!

There is no denial of the fact that single step can be the beginning of the change but a wholesome approach is very important for changing the entire picture. Packaging industry is not only saying goodbye to various plastic packaging but is also waving hands to various supplements used to transport goods.

 Mailing tape used for packaging the mails and the cardboard boxes have become eco-friendly. The new eco-friendly mailing tape is 70 percent recyclable. Its demand is increasing each day, in packaging industry as many manufacturers have started sealing things using it.

 Plastic insulators are also being replaced by things like mushroom stems and bamboo sticks. These are hundred percent organic options for providing insulation to fragile and delicate items.

 Packaging department of many industries have also bid goodbye to harmful Styrofoam and have started using bio degradable peanut chips for stuffing and padding the product. If such chips are not available, paper strips and scraps is an ever-ready option for stuffing.

How Eco Friendly Packaging Supplies Can Help You!

  •  These days you get very beautiful paper bags, gift bags, envelopes and other such packaging supplies for gifting purposes. You also get plain ones to show your creativity on it using paint, crayons, stickers or ribbons. Say goodbye to messy gift wrapping and give it in an eco-friendly way using paper packaging.
  •  If you are relocating, then corrugated cardboard boxes can be a significant help to you. They can not only hold large weights but you can easily label them just by writing with a marker pen. You will not need to add extra labels defining what is in the box.
  •  If you are a manufacturer, you can easily get your brand and product details along with the graphics printed on the cardboard boxes used for packaging and transporting. It is not only easy but a cost-effective way to advertise the product.

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