Slipping and falling when inside a commercial business happens every day across the country. It’s an easy enough thing to do. It doesn’t even need to be your fault either; sometimes, the carpet tile may move underfoot and cause a fall. Other times, the stairway might have partly collapsed causing an injury. Floors can also be wet and slippery too. If you’ve fallen inside business premises, here is what you should know.

Get Medical Assistance First

A trip or fall can cause damage to the muscles and tendons in your legs and feet. These will need time to repair. If you dropped directly onto your wrist or twisted your ankle, you may need to be x-rayed to see if any bones are fractured. The bones in your wrist are sensitive and fragile, so don’t just assume that nothing is broken. Recovery from such an injury can require months and limit your potential to work. Shock can also mask the pain for some time, so an injury may have occurred and you’re unaware of it. So, always get medical assistance.

Get Proof of What Happened

Not every company is upfront about what happened because they’re worried about the potential liability issues. It’s important to see if there are any cameras near where the accident occurred. These might show a chipped step, a missing warning about an unexpected further step-down, a wet floor, or something else.

Take photos and video of where the accident occurred. This can show what the conditions were like in high definition. It makes it harder for companies to avoid taking responsibility when it’s clear as day on the video or a collection of high-res photos.

Also, if someone saw what happened, get their information. Confirm what they saw and with their permission, record their statement on your phone using a microphone recording app. Most phones have them now.

Let the Company Know

The company needs to be informed on the same day of the accident. There will usually be an accident reporting process to follow. It is fine to talk with an employee to explain what happened to submit a report. Avoid stating who is to blame or describing your injuries in detail. The extent of your injuries is not known yet. If you’re not a doctor yourself, you have no training to properly assess them.

Get Legal Representation

Securing legal representation as soon as possible is a necessary step. Doing this avoids the need to try to seek compensation yourself. Being injured is often embarrassing and upsetting. Companies and their attorneys can try to take advantage of this by shifting blame or throwing out a low-ball offer that won’t cover your medical expenses or downtime from work either.

Hire a specialized fall attorney Connecticut area that handles local cases, like Bert McDowell Injury Law. A team of accident lawyers that have dealt with injuries from the corporate perspective and the victim’s perspective is very useful.

Getting people on your side early on is important with personal injury cases. Otherwise, there is a risk of not being compensated at all for your pain and suffering.



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