Accidents can happen anytime, especially when it comes to the delicate glass surfaces. It is extremely necessary to be careful about how to prevent anyone getting hurt due to the aftereffects of the accident. There are certain safety measures that you can always take to keep a crack in your glass window from spreading. You will always have to be careful while handling any object made of glass.

Here are Some Very Important Things that you should Keep in Mind While Dealing with Cracked Glass:

  • Every type of glass is dangerous if it is broken but tempered glass lessens the danger. It is a better option to replace the complete pane with tempered glass instead of just working on the glass repair for the crack.
  • Cracked auto wind shields can be dangerous in terms of events such as a collision or a rollover. It is best to get the glass replaced as soon as possible, because it poses threat to your safety, as well as of other people. In case you have an idea that there is a scope of recovering the glass piece then you should definitely opt for the repairing of it.

Here are a Few Tips for a Quick and Temporary Fix for Glass Repair:

  • Remember to put masking tape on both sides of the crack, in order to stabilize the pane.
  • You should also clean the glass surface with acetone, generally known as nail polish remover. Apply super glue in order to prevent the crack from spreading any further.
  • You may also cover the window with plastic. There are kits available in local hardware stores that you can use to temporarily insulate your windows.
  • You can try using bubble wrap, because the air pockets have the ability to provide more insulation than card boards.
  • In case of older windows, there may be gaps around the frame of the glass windows. Remember to seal them with the help of a caulking gun.

However, temporary fixes for glass repair do not last forever and you will eventually have to get the broken glass replaced. Once there is even a minor crack in the glass, there is no way of getting it back to the original form all by yourself. Following are some cases where you need to look for a permanent solution sooner:

  • When the glass is broken and is not encased within the frame.
  • When the broken glass has clearly created a safety hazard.
  • When the glass break has broken the deal of the double pane window.

When a Glass Professional is Working on Glass Repair, here are Some Things that you need to Keep in Mind:

  1. It is important on part of the professionals to evaluate the damage first and determine whether or not a repair is possible, or if glass repair is immediately necessary.
  2. The pane must be replaced and sealed, in order to make sure the window is secured in place.
  3. In certain cases, the glass cannot be immediately replaced. Therefore, the area has to be boarded securely, and you must make sure to schedule a prompt return visit for the professionals to complete glass repair.
  4. The remaining debris from installation in and around the work area must be cleaned.

The plus point of tempered glass is that it is stronger than the standard glass, but more importantly, when it shatters it breaks into smaller granules. These granules remain sharp but usually cause less harm than that of the long shards of un-tempered glass. However, when it comes to cars and other vehicles, the manufactures switch to a laminated glass sandwich for the windshields.

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