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Find Your “The One”: 7 Tips to Help you Choose the Right Real Estate Agent

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Looking for the right real estate agent can be tough. They promote themselves using online ads in social media platforms, yard signs, and even direct-mail postcards. Thus, finding the right one requires strategies and effort. Even though finding the right one is a hard task, a real estate agent can help you ease your transaction.

Whether you invest for a particular property or you’re selling your lifetime home, it’s essential to find an agent. But, the question is how you can find a right real estate agent? Check out these seven tips to help you choose the right real estate agent.

An Agent that you can Trust

Trust is the most valuable virtue in a relationship. Somehow, you create a contact with an agent, and it’s necessary for you to trust them wholeheartedly. Thus, choose an agent that you can trust. How can you know that an agent is trustworthy? Examine him or her during your conversation.

Pay close attention to the agent. Scrutinize how she or he listens and ask you questions. An agent uses technology for your property purposes. But, in reaching your particular goals, it takes human being that is responsible for comprehending and working for your benefits. Thus, you should find a human whom you can trust.

Have a Convo with their Previous Clients

Ask the agent to provide a list of his or her previous clients with contact information. Then, using the number provided, contact them. The past clients’ experience is your guide and helps you decide whether the real estate agent is the right agent for you.

Consider their Credentials

Choose a real estate agent that gets additional training in a specific area. Some of the credentials that an agent must have the following :

  • CRS (Certified Residential Specialist)
  • ABR (Accredited Buyer’s Representative)
  • SRES (Seniors Real Estate Specialist).

Their credentials help you ensure their competency as a real estate agent.

Clients’ Referrals

Referrals could be one of the most influential tools in finding the right real estate agent. Thus, also consider the opinion of your family, friends, relatives, co-workers, and neighbors. Ask the people you know and make them free to express their feeling and experiences towards that particular real estate agent.

You can Search Online

Technology nowadays offers easier research method. Use it to find your real estate agent. There are numerous websites that you can visit that will refer an agent. But,  don’t quickly put your trust to an agent you found online. Be sure to visit highly reliable websites such as SoCal Home Buyers. They work as a team that you can trust.

There are still advantages in finding through online, and one of it is the quality assurance. Some agents pay the owner of the website to be listed in their directory. Therefore, evaluate them deeply. Visit a website and look up profiles of agents through visiting the offices near you to examine the real estate agent personally.

Show Up in an Open Houses

You may meet some real estate agents in going to open houses. Interact with them to examine their personalities that could be their asset as a good real estate agent. You can collect their business cards to have contact with them.

If you’re deciding to sell your home, pay close attention on how the agent is showing the house. During his or her discourse, evaluate some essential aspects of a real estate agent. Is the agent descriptive and polite? Is she organized and have a professional-looking promotional material regarding with the home she’s currently selling?

An Experienced Agent

An experienced agent can give you satisfaction. In determining how long an agent has been in business, you can ask for a state licensing authority or just ask him directly.

Usually, an agent has been on the market for more than five years. Look for an agent who will demonstrate his or her expertise of the area that will help you succeed.


The essence of having a real estate is to help you work out things relating to your real estate property. Getting a real estate agent on your side is a risky task. Hence, you should learn from the start how to pick the right one and what are the things to consider. This article guides you to have a right, not just right but a good real estate agent.

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