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Fitness Focus! Q and A With Fitness and Alternative/Inked Model, Allison Breanna Ronconi

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Sacramento, California.

The Almond Capital of the world and the capital of the Golden State of California.

Known as Sac-town and the City of Trees, Sacramento is the sixth-largest largest city in California and in 2002, was named America’s Most Diverse City by Time Magazine.

Known as the world headquarters of almond producer—and jersey advertiser of the hometown NBA Sacramento Kings—in Blue Diamond Almonds, and home to notable people such as Mark Twain, Jessica Chastain, Eddie Murphy, Sasha Grey, Molly Ringwald and Brenda Song, Sacramento is very underrated as one of the hidden gems of entertainment talent.

With fall now here and the weather dropping, perhaps one of it’s own in fitness and inked model Allison Ronconi could become the Almond City’s next big star.

With a set of piercing blue eyes and athletically toned and curvy figure, the 5’6 Ronconi has been a featured cover model for the likes of Mayhem Magazine, Dark Fuzion Magazine and alternative/inked publications such as US Ink magazine, 86 Blvd Mag, Alternative Taste, Online Ink Mag, Dream Vixens Mag, Sweet & Inked Magazine and The Definition of Ink Magazine. In addition to being a international published ink and fitness model, Ronconi has also done promo work for lifestyle apparel brands such as Detroit Muscle USA, Banshee Apparel, Tat2Fit Apparel and Rival Breed.

One of the hottest inked and alternative models on the market today, Ronconi’s star is getting brighter by the day as it continues to shine. Now based in Jacksonville, Florida, the 25-year-old fresh-faced Ronconi is a dual threat in both fitness and in the inked/alternative modeling worlds.

Below is my Q and A with Allison as we talk about appearing in ATHLETIX, working out, fitness modeling, working in and around MMA gyms and lounging on the beach.

Name: Allison Breanna Ronconi
Age: 25
Height: 5’6
Birthplace: Sacramento, CA

Residence: Jacksonville, Florida
Measurements: 36C-30-35
Social Media Links: Facebook: Model Allison Ronconi | Instagram: @allison_ronconi
Modeling Agency: free lance

Notable Brands, Publications and Media Featured In: Internationally published cover model in Mayhem Magazine and Dark Fuzion Magazine. Published feature model in US Ink magazine, 86 Blvd Mag, Alternative Taste, Online Ink Mag, Dream Vixens Mag, Sweet & Inked Magazine and the Definition of Ink Magazine. I also work as a promotional model for Detroit Muscle USA, Banshee Apparel, Tat2Fit Apparel, Rival Breed and VIP Talent Brand Ambassador for Mountain Dew and Reese’s Puffs.

How excited are you to appear in our Fall Issue of ATHLETIX? I am very excited, thank you for giving me the opportunity!
What does “ATHLETIX” mean to you in terms of fitness, working out, etc? I would have to say it means a healthy and fit lifestyle. I’m no high fashion size 0 model, and I would never want to be. I love food to much. But what I am though is healthy and Athletix shows those individuals and their hard work.

What kind of model are you (IG, fitness, bikini, lingerie)? I have experience in all of those modeling fields and love to always learn more genres as I go.

How long have you been fitness modeling? I first started modeling about 5 years ago but just in the last couple years I have finally got noticed and published in multiple international magazines.

What first inspired you to become one? I actually use to do photography but realized i wanted to be on the other side of the camera and fitness is a way of life for me so it was a great stepping stone into the modeling industry.

As a model, do you feel that more can be done by those in the industry? Why and why not? Its normal to learn who you like and don’t like to work with in the industry. Some slack off and some push to hard. I do believe that body shaming is a real thing and that’s a huge issue in the industry and hurts many models self confidence.

How do your loved ones and family feel abut you being in modeling? My mother constantly tells me she’s proud of how far I have come. My friends and family both were a bit surprised when I started doing more risqué shoots but have come to love and accept it.

Where has been your favorite place to shoot? Recently, I have been working on a women’s self defense documentary at a MMA gym in Sarasota FL. I not only get to learn new moves but I get to practice my grappling.

What is the most exciting aspect of fitness modeling? All the time that i put into sculpting myself through working out shows my dedication in my fitness journey. We all love when we see results finally coming in after so much time in the gym, its great to see that others can appreciate it too.

Describe a typical day and routine? Every morning, I wake up around 9am and make breakfast. On a work day I will work until 7pm then go straight to the gym and back home for dinner. I usually work out 4 or 5 times a week. On off days I usually have photo shoots lined up that I spend several hours at.

With fall right now here, what fashion, fitness and workout tips do you have for looking good and staying fit when the temperature drops? Don’t cave in to all those cravings when the holidays come around. In Florida we don’t really have the temperature problem, we sweat all year long. When I did live in the regions where it got cold, I would still wear my normal workout shorts or leggings and a tank just put sweatpants and a hoodie to stay warm outside.

Athleisure? Fashion or fitness fad? I never really thought about it much. I don’t have a strong opinion on it so depending on who you are I can see it going either way.

Within the industry, who is your fitness inspiration? Dana Linn Bailey for sure. I have no words, she’s just awesome!

What is your workout and fitness secret to staying in shape? Even if I skip a few days in the gym, its always important to keep on a healthy diet. I stay versatile through out my workouts and take on new physically demandong hobbies like kayaking, boxing, swimming, and dance.

What would you say is your best feature? If we are talking about a physical feature, I would have to say my eyes or my legs.

Any future projects coming down the pipeline? In the next couple weeks, I am working on a few magazine publications and doing a shoot with a new apparel line that I represent.

Outside of modeling, what are your hobbies? Anything outdoors, I absolutely love it, whether it be traveling to new places, hiking, kayaking, even just a lounge day at the beach.

Sports question: Who are your favorite teams and clubs? Because of how busy I am, I don’t really get to watch much sports on TV. Growing up though, I did love watching the Olympic gymnastics meets or UFC fights.

What advice would you give to women aspiring to get into fitness modeling? This industry can be very hard at times, so don’t get discouraged if one magazine or company turns you down, keep working towards your dreams.

Special thanks to Allison Breanna Ronconi for her time and assistance during the Q and A interview process. All images used with permission and are the rightful property of their owners.

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