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Male fitness model. When one thinks of hulking masculine bundles of male muscle, images of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno from the early to mid eighties quickly come to mind.

While not as storied or glorious as the Age Of Supermodels, Sports Illustrated swimsuit—or even most recently—the Instagram models of today, the era of the male fitness model is as relevant as the now-extinct dodo.

While some may consider it either a sign of the times or a case of trying to demasculinize men, many top-tier modeling agencies shunned more physically imposing and buff models because they were either too big, not feminine enough or too macho for some of their higher-end clientele.

While the forementioned late eighties up until the 2000’s saw the likes of Cindy Crawford, Christie Brinkley, Gisele Bundchen and Kate Upton walk and prance down the world’s hottest runways and have the most well-known agencies such as IMG, Elite, Ford and Wilhelmina represent them, male fitness models were relegated to fitness and bodybuilding competitions in what otherwise be considered Siberia.

As times are changing and male fitness models are becoming more and more the norm, one such agency is looking to give hunky men some much-needed attention in the modeling world.

Enter MuscleGods.

Per their website, MuscleGods was founded by an experienced team including a CEO of a renowned US fashion model agency, former magazine Editor and British fashion model. Describing themselves as muscular, athletic, strong and health conscious, MuscleGods Management promotes lifestyle, sportswear, fashion, fitness and health-conscious brands.

A new—and much needed fit and muscular twist to the world of modeling—Musclegods offers male models,fitness experts,bodybuilders and social media “fitfluencers” for a wide range of services such as endorsements, television,photo shoots, advertising and public relations.

One of their most well-known endorsers and newly-signed models, Arron Lowe – a British celebrity fitness model, TV personality and ambassador for MuscleGods Model agency talks to INSCMagazine and shares his tips on how to become a fitness model and fitfluencer…

Arron, congratulations! We hear you’re the new ambassador for new model and talent agency MuscleGods Management. How and why did you land the role? It was down to my good looks and charm, haha! In all honesty, I think I was chosen because I have years of modeling experience, a good work ethic and have transitioned from a fashion model to a fitness/commercial model. I also am good with press and TV interviews having had experience from my previous stint on TV show “Big Brother” UK.

Between the ages of 18-23, I travelled around the World as a fashion model modeling for various brands and designers including Prada, Hollister, John Galliano, Costume National and Police, after being scouted for a number of modeling agencies including 2Morrow Models in Milan and Maverick Models in the UK.

In my mid-twenties, I started going to the gym more often and became slightly too muscled for traditional model agencies, which is when Noel Marin, former judge of TV show ‘America’s Next Top Model’ and CEO of AIM Models, NYC, signed me up, as he prefers models who are more buff and muscular.

Can you tell us about the MuscleGods Management agency and what they do? Representing male fitness models, fitfluencers/social media influencers and fitness professionals from around the World, the agency was formed by a dynamic team of modeling, media and entertainment professionals with many years of experience between then including the director of a reputable fashion model agency, former magazine Editor and well-known social media influencer/model.

Muscle Gods Management is rather unique in that it’s a modeling agency with all the added benefits of a PR and talent agency too – they don’t just book the typical ‘model’ jobs, they also help source television appearances, personal appearances, product ranges, book deals, press interviews, endorsements, social media collaborations, etc.

More importantly, they focus on the individual, it’s not just about representing their name, they really want us, the talent, to succeed and grow, not just in terms of gym gains, hahaha! They want to help make each of their MuscleGods become brands and are invested for the long term.

Some of the well-known talent signed to their roster include myself, social media influencer/fitness model Travis DesLaurier (aka @TravBeachBoy), Dino Portelli and Tian Delgado from UK TV show “Bromans” and Jordan Ring from popular British TV show “Love Island”.

You have transitioned from regular fashion modeling to fitness modeling – what’s the difference between the two? I can eat more, haha! Come to think of it, I do more of everything, I’m at the gym more often to build muscle mass, I’m still very new to building bulky muscle though, some of the Muscle Gods make me look like a twig!

In terms of the professional differences, I would say there is more diversity in fitness modeling in regards to the job options, as one day you could be doing a fitness magazine shoot or modeling for a lifestyle fashion brand, the next you could appear in a music video as a hot buff guy or be shooting in a gym, working out, to promote a gym chain or gym equipment. Fitness models are more commercial looking, so usually get a wider range of bookings in comparison with a high-fashion model with a more unique look.

What is your advice for guys who want to become a fitness model, fitfluencer or apply to join an agency such as MuscleGods Management? First of all, if your mum and grandma think you’re gorgeous and perfect, don’t expect model scouts and casting panel to think the same! Family, especially mum and grandma are totally biased, haha..

If other people outside of your family say you are model material and, if you believe you do honestly compare to other professional models, then start applying to agencies by sending unedited photos that show you in your ‘natural’ state.

Reputable agencies will not charge you a fee to join, so make sure you steer clear of any agencies that tell you there’s a fee to be added to their roster and/or website!

In terms of height and measurement requirements, the great thing about fitness modeling is the physical requirements are less strict than those of fashion and runway agencies. MuscleGods Management is happy to consider guys who are 5′ 10″ and above, with lean, fit bodies, good skin and an attractive face that is both commercial and marketable. They will accept guys of all races, aged 18-45, with or without tattoos.

You may presume fitness modeling means you have to have huge, rippling muscles and extreme definition of bodybuilders, but that’s not always the case. Whilst MuscleGods Management is definitely looking for the rippling muscles kind of model, they also seek other fitness models who are smaller in size – providing they are toned, lean, healthy and in great shape but still a little too muscular for traditional fashion model agencies.

MuscleGods Management is also searching for fitfluencers – social media influencers and experts with 15k+ followers who embrace all things fitness and can positively represent their MuscleGods’ brand of strong, healthy, motivational and inspirational.

What are the qualities guys need to be a successful fitness model, fitfluencer/social media influencer? Having a good personality, manners and honesty is always a good start and being respectful, reliable and punctual is essential. It’s a competitive industry and you need to create your own identity amongst all of the other hot guys out there, it’s a hunk eat hunk World!

Take me, for example, I’m not the biggest or most defined guy in this business, but what I currently lack in bodyweight in comparison to some of the other beefcakes, I make up in personality… I will continue to gain size, but if you don’t have more than muscle, you’re just dead weight in this game. My friend celebrity/fitness model and TV star David McIntosh is a good example of a muscle hunk with personality.

What is the hardest thing about modeling and being a social media influencer? Rejection! You can train like a beast, network forever and spend days, months, years casting for big jobs and when you invest your life in this world, and a job you really want doesn’t call back, you feel like it’s all your fault… You beat yourself up and tell yourself ‘I could have said this, or done that’ but the truth is, you just wasn’t the guy for the job.

I’ve learned to love the things I hate and see everything negative/disappointing as an opening for the future.

In regards to the modeling work itself, some people reckon modeling is easy but it’s more grueling than you think, sometimes there are really early call times and long shoot hours involved, or you could be posing in unnatural, uncomfortable position for hours on end or shooting outside in cold weather. 

Fitness shoots usually involve some sort of exercise and can be physically demanding too, so you need to be in tip-top condition to do the job properly. No matter how crap you feel, you need to give the illusion that you’re happy and do all you can to deliver what the client needs, as they are investing their time, money and faith in you!

As for social media, the key to making money on there is to post content daily, engage with your followers and upload high-quality, inspirational images. Blurry pics will not suffice!

If you ever find yourself frustrated with social media and get tempted to delete your account, don’t do it! You will be gutted if you have to build a following again! When I came out of TV show Big Brother, I had a huge social media following but deleted my Twitter and Instagram accounts after growing tired of some of the negativity associated with it.

I took a 5-year break from social media and only recently returned, which means I have to be patient and wait for my following to grow again, it’s frustrating especially when I see how much income influencers with large followings are earning these days! I should never have deleted my accounts, I should have just left them and logged in again when ready.

You are searching for new talent to become ‘MuscleGods’ for the MuscleGods Management agency – what are you looking for and how can they apply? I explained the height and image requirements in a previous question, but as an ambassador, I’m personally looking for the best, new guys in small towns that never think they can’t ever be the guy who gets his lucky break.

Someone like me, not as good looking as me though, hahaha… Seriously though, there are guys that look amazing, train hard, have the perfect personality and they are working in a factory or on a building site, but they could be gracing the covers and stages of the biggest magazines and shows in the world instead.

Life is very short and if you’re that guy or you know that guy, please apply at www.musclegodsmgmt.com or at: www.instagram.com/MuscleGodsOFCL – or reach out to me personally on social media @mrarronlowe and maybe we can help you start living your dream!

Special thanks to Chrissy Rose, Arron Lowe, MuscleGods Management and Intrigue Management UK for their time and assistance during this feature. Email us at inscribermagazine@theinscribermag.com if you feel that you have the look of being our next Fitness Focus! model.

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