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Fitness Focus! What More Should You Know About Elliptical Cross Trainers?

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Today, no fitness centre is complete without ellipticals. These are the most popular aerobic cum cardio equipment in any gym or home. People of all ages use different types of ellipticals and wax on about their benefits. You have probably seen elliptical cross trainers at your local gym already.

Some advanced fitness centres also boast of elliptical gliders and cross trainers for their premium members. While many of these elliptical equipment types are ideal for gym use only, there are quite a few that are suitable for regular home use.

The elliptical trainer

Many make the mistake of believing that the elliptical trainer is the same as an elliptical cross-trainer. Unlike the latter, the elliptical trainer focuses only on the lower-body workout. It is a cardio equipment that has stationary handlebars and mobile foot pedals. It does not involve any hand or shoulder movement but only allows you to move your legs in an elliptical manner. It is ideal for working the hip joints and leg muscles. It works on the glutes, quads and hamstrings.

Elliptical cross-trainers

The elliptical cross trainer is also a cardio equipment, but it is ideal for both upper and lower body workout. It has a mechanism similar to that of the elliptical trainer, so it conserves the same elliptical movement of the pedals. However, it also facilitates the movement of your arms, shoulder muscles and exerts your core muscles. You need to push and pull on the arms of the machine alternately to your feet. The elliptical cross trainers work your knees, hips, shoulders and collar bones.

The elliptical glider

It is not as popular as the cross trainers. It has stationary handles. The pedals only move up and down, and they do not have a circular movement like the other elliptical equipment. The machine only exerts resistance upon forward motion, and you can exercise your hip and knee joints by using this elliptical glider.

The compact foldable ellipticals

It is a new addition to the ellipticals family. It is ideal for small homes and multiple users. They look very similar to the break and acceleration pedals of a car. One of the most considerable advantages of this design is its foldability. You can fold it and stow it away under your bed or on the top bunk of your wardrobe when you are not using it. It can monitor your heart rate and distance just like the other ellipticals.

These are the three basic types of the elliptical equipment that almost every local gym and renowned fitness centre have. However, there are always too many members and too few ellipticals. So, you may have to wait anywhere between 20 and 30 minutes for the cross-trainer station to free up. That creates a snag in the daily workout routine. It can delay your schedule, and it is enough to curb some enthusiasm about working out. Rather than pay a fortune for premium gym memberships and then wait in line to use particular equipment, you can bring the latest elliptical cross trainer home with you.

Should you rent the latest cross trainer?

Purchasing an elliptical cross trainer is a costly affair. You don’t need to break open a treasure chest or rob a bank for embracing physical fitness. You can just hire the one you desire from https://www.hirefitness.co.uk/home-fitness-equipment-hire/elliptical-cross-trainers/. One of the most significant advantages of not buying the equipment right away is the chance to try and see which one you like the best. The home ellipticals can give you the same benefits you enjoy on the commercial-grade machines. However, hiring home fitness equipment will save you a fortune!

Elliptical cross trainers are the most popular among all types of fitness equipment. According to the seasoned fitness experts, they melt the excess fat away in about half-an-hour. Going on the elliptical cross trainer can burn close to 400 calories in less than 30 minutes for a 150-pound person. The number of calories will vary a little depending upon your basal metabolism rate, but you will definitely enjoy its health benefits without hurting your ankles, knees and hip joints.

What are the different variables involved in elliptical machines?

The different drives

Now that you know that you want a cross trainer, and not the elliptical glider or the elliptical trainer you need to make another important decision – which drive type should you pick? The drive type refers to the front, centre or rear positioning of the drive axle.

· Front-drive ellipticals: they are ideal for supporting the full body weight in the anterior part of the equipment. They are easy to maintain and clean.

· Rear-drive ellipticals: they put the user towards the posterior part of the machine. They are equally easy to clean and maintain.

· Centre drive ellipticals: these are the newest innovations of the fitness world. These elliptical cross trainers put the body weight of the user at the centre of the machine. They help you work on posture and balance. They also offer the smoothest motion among all elliptical cross trainer types.

The various action types

Another important consideration is the action of the cross trainers. Most of them offer either a dependent or independent action.

· The independent action type poses a more significant challenge by offering more resistance. It forces the user’s leg to move forward with each stride. The motion of one pedal does not influence the movement of the other.

· The dependent action ellipticals are ideal for those looking for low-intensity cardio workouts. The motion of one pedal depends on the movement of the other. The force of movement of one pedal drives the other one. So the user has to do less work on the dependent action type of elliptical cross trainers.

While choosing an elliptical type you need to keep several variables in mind. Apart from the suitability of the workouts they provide for you, you need to think about the space, storage and regular maintenance. If you do not have the time or energy for a long-term commitment, you should begin by hiring fitness equipment including the latest elliptical cross trainers from a reputable fitness equipment company for a couple of weeks.

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