Exercise is important no matter your age. Having an exercise routine when you’re a teenager though can make a big difference in energy levels, your mood, and weight control. During teenage years, you begin to experience hormone changes which can cause mood swings, fluctuating weight, and a decrease in energy levels. Here are a few reasons why exercise is so important in teens:

Benefits Every Part Of The Body – Including Your Mind

When you’re exercising, your body releases certain chemicals that increase your mood and make you feel better overall. It’s been known to help individuals that suffer from depression or low self-esteem. Exercising also helps you sleep and rest better at night. If you’re new to starting an exercise routine or just joined your local gym like Gator Fitness, then start by setting slow and realistic goals for yourself. Think of each time you go to the gym as a goal, or the first time you complete a certain amount of miles in a certain time. You can turn any part of your routine into a goal.

Weight Control & Lower Risk of Disease

Maintaining a healthy diet and weight when you’re a teen can be challenging. By incorporating exercise into your daily or weekly routine, you can maintain your weight or lose weight as well as lower your risk of some diseases such as diabetes. Regular exercise can also help prevent high blood pressure in the future.

Age Slower

Aging is something that is inevitable. We will all age during our lifetime, and nothing can stop it. However, exercise can help to slow down the aging process. It keeps your body in tip-top shape which helps keep your muscles, bones and skin strong and tight. Running, jumping, and walking are all ideal weight-bearing exercises that can help keep your bones strong. This helps reduce your risk of osteoporosis, the weakening of bones, in the future.

There are three different parts that should be included in your workout routine: aerobics, strength training, and flexibility training.



Aerobic exercise includes any type of activity that gets the heart pumping. Team sports usually get 60 minutes or more of aerobic activity everyday. If you don’t play any team sports, there are still a variety of ways that you can incorporate aerobic activity into your day.


Strength Training

Strength training is the method of strengthening your muscles across your body. This includes arms, legs, back, stomach and more. There are a variety of different ways to strength train including yoga, biking, running, skating, pilates and more.


Flexibility Training

Exercise isn’t just for strengthening muscles and losing weight, it also helps your body stay flexible and loose. Yoga and gymnastics are two options for flexibility training, or you can simply incorporate stretches into your morning and evening routines.

Having a daily exercise routine is important for everyone of all ages. Getting started early is a great way to stay in shape!




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