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Fitness: Lost Your Motivation? Here’s Where To Find It!

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Busy lives always seem to throw up one reason or another why we shouldn’t go to the gym.

Maybe you’ve been pushing too hard at work and just don’t have the energy. Or maybe there is a lot going on in your social life right now that is tempting you away from your workout schedule. Once you’ve thought of one excuse not to go to the gym, it can be all too easy to think of a whole lot more.

Have you been struggling to find your motivation lately? Don’t panic; here is where you will find it.

Give Yourself A Goal: We need a reason to go to the gym. This could be a fitness or weight goal. If you have something like this to aim for, motivation will be super easy to find. This is all because the desired result will spur you on. If you know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, then you have reason to keep going until you hit that light.

Even if you aren’t aiming for a particular weight or result, you should still think of a reason why you are going to the gym.

Just to keep on top of your health perhaps? Or because your crush is a big gym-goer and it’s a way to get close to them? Your reason can be anything at all, just as long as it keeps you motivated!

Reward Yourself: If you weren’t feeling too keen to get to the gym, but made it anyway you should give yourself a pat on the back! It is important to always reward yourself for going to the gym as this will keep your motivation levels up. Many people see food as a reward and will often treat themselves to a tasty burger after a hard workout. However, this won’t be doing your weight any favors. Think about other rewards that can help to increase your mood.

How about going for a manicure or taking yourself off to the cinema to see the latest Hollywood blockbuster?

Get The Right Gear: If you look the part, there will be nothing stopping you hitting the gym! Next time you need to buy new gym clothes, treat yourself to some really good stuff. Think about buying the cool brands that will make you look like a total pro.

Not only will you look great but looking the part will help to boost your confidence. And this can help you to find the motivation to hit the gym and smash all your previous personal bests. If you regularly use equipment like dumbbells and weights in your gym sessions, you should think about buying new ones. None of us can ever resist getting to grips with new equipment. And if it is one of the latest brands or models, you’ll be excited to show your stuff off in the gym to make all the other gym bunnies jealous.

You can check sporting goods reviews to see what you should buy.

Work Out With Friends: Working out with friends can be a great way to get you into the gym. If you make a plan to meet a friend for a workout, you will have to stick to it. No excuse is good enough for you to stand your gym buddy up!

Your friends can also keep you motivated while you’re in the gym. They can help you count reps and cheer you on so that you don’t give up too easily. If your friend is working out with you, things are likely to get quite competitive, which is another fantastic way to boost your motivation.

After all, you can’t stay on the couch all day – your friend might end up beating you in your workout challenges!

Keep A Diary: This point may sound strange, but it really does work! After each gym session, write down what you achieved and how you feel. Hopefully, you will experience lots of endorphins and positive emotions. This diary will soon turn into a list of great reasons why you should go to the gym. So next time you don’t feel like leaving the house pull out your workout diary. It will help you remember how great your gym sessions make you feel.

Why stay on the couch when you can hit the gym and feel amazing again!?

Sign Up For An Expensive Gym: Many of us have started off thinking cheaper gyms will be better value for money. But then, in the end, a lot of us end up skipping workouts because we won’t be too out of pocket if we do so. In the long run, it can actually be worth signing up for a boutique or more expensive gym.

You’ll be paying so much for it; you won’t be able to afford to skip any classes or workout sessions! But there are also many other advantages of paying slightly more for your gym subscription. These fancy gyms will have plenty of slick facilities like heated pools and saunas.

So next time you need to relieve some aching muscles, you can do so in style in your gym’s sauna!

Use Motivational Quotes: ‘No pain no gain.’ ‘Believe and achieve.’ What do these two sayings have in common? They are both highly motivational.

If you keep saying things like this to yourself, you are more likely to achieve everything you want. So surround yourself with motivational quotes. Buy some motivational posters to stick around your apartment. Next time you want to chill in front of the TV, these posters will be telling you otherwise. There is also plenty of gym clothing that has quotes on it.

If you wear these cool t-shirts, then you will find it easier to keep going during your workout and gym classes.

I’m sure lots of us find it way too easy to throw in the towel. But if you stick to the tips mentioned in this blog post, you will be able to beat your lack of motivation and achieve your fitness goals!

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