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Five Ways To Prevent Brain Damage

Cases of brain injury are on the rise due to the increase in the number of road, workplace and home accidents. Brain damage is likely to occur when you suffer an injury to your skull or brain. This may be due to a fall or any external impact that can cause injuries to your skull. It is good to take care in order to prevent such head injuries because brain injury can cause make a person to be permanently disabled. Some of the symptoms of this condition include poor memory, confusion, mood changes, constant headaches, nausea, blurred vision and ringing in the years among other head problems. Here are five ways to prevent brain damage.

Road safety
People are likely to suffer head injuries whenever a vehicle is involved in an accident. This means that passengers should always enhance safety measures that will help to minimize injuries in case of impact. Always wear your safety belt whenever you enter into a car. Drivers need to be careful enough by following safety measures. You should never drink and drive, take the right driving course, do not multi-task while driving and always follow road signs.

Pedestrians must always be on the look out to avoid brain injuries that arise when they are hit by vehicles, bicycles, motorcycles or other things on the road. Always use the footpaths meant for pedestrians. Only cross the road where there is a zebra crossing, and always ensure that the road is clear before you cross.

Stay away from drugs
Taking certain drugs can cause brain damage in the long run. If you are suffering from any form of addiction, seek for professional assistance and medication before the situation gets worse. Visit  www.ambrosiatc.com/locations/florida-drug-rehab-singer-island for quality support and medication.

Wear the right gear during sports
There are many injuries that arise due to sports. This may be due to impact or falling during certain sports. You can prevent such injuries by wearing the right gear such as a protective helmet. You also need to take care when taking part in any contact sport to avoid exposing your head and the rest of your body to injuries.

Take measures to prevent fall
Fall is one of the major causes of brain injuries to both children and adults. Children below nine years and aged adults above 65 are more prone to experience falls. The caregiver should always ensure that they supervise the children keenly whenever they are playing in risky places. You also need to consider safety measures such as installing guards on windows and stair gates. If your child is involved in any contact sport, ensure that they wear the right protective gear to protect them from impact.

For adults, it’s advisable that you remove all items that can make you trip out of the way. You can arrange such items in a safe cabinet so that they don’t cause you to fall whenever you step on them. It’s important to also install grab bars in places such as the shower or toilet. Make sure your house is well lit to avoid knocking on items and that the washroom floors are not slippery.

Do not shake the baby violently
Shaking the baby violently can cause brain damage to the child among other problems such as paralysis, blindness or even death. This kind of abuse happens when a caregiver gets frustrated by the baby due to continuous crying. Ensure such situations don’t overwhelm you by putting the baby in a safe place and taking a small break to relax your mind.

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