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How To Get Started With The Dating Affiliate Marketing Niche

The cornerstone of a successful affiliate marketing strategy is to choose a product or service which is a proven bestseller, but one which isn’t sufficiently mainstream that there will be too much competition. Ideally, if it’s something you are already blogging about, you will be in an even stronger position to promote the items.

Dating is one service which has tremendous potential as an affiliate marketing niche. With new sites springing up on a daily basis, and established matching resources continually rising in membership, there is clearly a growing demand. So when it comes to tapping into this revenue source, how do you get started with a dating affiliate marketing niche?


While online dating is becoming increasingly popular as a social networking pastime, you need to home in on particular areas, and this isn’t always straightforward in such a saturated market. So the first thing you must do is copious research. Search through the dating sites relevant to whichever country you are interested in and check out the existing adverts. Consider these adverts and the offers they are promoting.

Now check out Offervault, a search engine that delves into more than 60 networks to reveal the names of affiliates and dating CPA offers. This will give you a fair idea of what is currently out there in terms of dating-related programs. This software will also give you information about the type of traffic associated with certain marketing streams, such as mobile or desktop demand, global equity opportunities (GEO), average payouts and the affiliate networks working in tandem.

Choosing your niche

Like any other type of business, the dating game varies in potential turnover for affiliate marketing. Those targeting an exclusively younger set are perhaps not as reliable as those with a steady and robust membership, such as websites catering for males over the age of 30 (consistently highlighted as the largest age demographic for singles dating.)

Next, you need to suss out where the traffic is coming from that is hitting these ‘mature dating’ sites, as well as forums and relationship blogs. The type of services to look into here include Exoclick (serving 6 billion daily geo-targeted ads through their extensive advertising network and advertisement exchange platforms for delivery to a global network of publisher sites), Traffic Junky and Reporo.

Once you have homed in on dating traffic offers, you can set about incorporating the relevant ads within your own web platform in order to try and harness sales. You can select a top or side banner or a footer from the ‘Ad Zone,’ according to the size format most compatible with your site or blog. Choose targets from the list of websites provided, then opt for the top 50 sites whose offers you will now be promoting. How do you choose which ones from this list? Base your decision on their Alexa rating: the ranking of how much traffic this site is generating.

Your site is now set up to run a marketing campaign where you will be rewarded for driving traffic to the source sites. The CPA model is preferable at this stage because of the nature of the traffic you’ll be channeling into your site. When it comes to traffic sources you are only able to buy impressions.


Your best hyperlink option is to create a landing page as opposed to inserting direct links. Links will merely drive the site user to a registration form, whereas a landing page can be seeded with surveys or other intriguing questions that will be much better at encouraging the casual site visitor to commit to signing up.

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