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Is Florida Ducking UCF? Why The 2-For-1 Scheduling Offer Is A Joke!

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As you all may or may not have heard, UCF’s Athletic Director Danny White has been offered a 2 for 1 with the University of Florida Gators.

Many of my SEC “buddies” (Denis Alexander this includes you), are telling me that if Danny White doesn’t take this that he is a chicken and should be grateful that we would even be asked to play them.

Well, I am here to tell you my opinion on this. As I mentioned my one buddy Denis said “South Florida had no problem with the 2 for 1”.

Great! let me start there.

South Florida is not anywhere near the program that UCF is. Maybe a few years ago, they were good but let’s look at the history.

UCF vs South Florida Stats

Well, let’s start since 2000, because that’s the start of the new Millennium. So since the 2000 season began USF has played in 3 different conferences including Conference USA, Big East, and now currently American Athletic Conference.

UCF also in 3 conferences, the MAC, Conference USA and American Athletic Conference.

During the said time of 18 seasons, UCF has won 6 Division Titles and 6 Conference Championships, USF you ask?

They have won 0!

Not a single divisional title or conference title. Also during that time, UCF has won 10+ games in a season 6 times, USF only 2 times.

Major Bowl Wins (also known as New Years 6 bowls): UCF has 2, USF has none.

Season Ending Top 10 finishes: UCF has 2 and USF has 0.

Season-Ending Top 25 finishes: UCF has 3 and USF 2.

Total wins since 2000: UCF has 135 and USF has 133, but the interesting part about that is UCF had not 1 but 2 winless seasons during that timeframe.

So to sit there and tell us in “The Kingdom” to “just take the 2 for 1 because South Florida did” is a bunch of–pardon the pun–bull.

What does UCF want?

Its actually quite simple. UCF wants respect. They own the nation’s longest active winning streak at 25. They have beaten everyone and anyone who has stepped on the field with them.

My opinion is for Danny White to come back at the Gators and say we will do a Home and Home with the 3rd game at a neutral site–most likely Raymond James Stadium down the I-4 in Tampa.

I think that is fair and gives the Gators the chance to “squash UCF” since that’s what most of the fans think will happen if they play them.

Although those same fans who think the Gators will squash them would rather do it in the comforts of their home stadium twice instead of a 1 and 1.

So if you’re reading this, Danny, put the Gators back on the clock and counter their offer. Plus the first rule in negotiation is never take the first offer.

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