There are different ways to take photos of wedding flowers and capture their inherent beauty. One of the keys to showcasing flowers and expressing their significance in the ceremony is to determine the message you want to convey in the pictures.

Begin by clarifying what the photo is for. Flower photography for weddings can be artistic, it can display floristry styles, exhibit the precision and elegance of the floral arrangement or capture creative and unusual bunches. After establishing your purpose and goal for photographing wedding flowers you will be able to produce the perfect pictures.

Lighting and Composition

· An effective way to capture memorable wedding floral images is to be creative with lighting. Observe how lighting affects the appearance of the flowers.

· Light that shines through the flowers from the back can help to five them an alluring glow and brighter color. Lighting on a cloudy day is ideal for revealing subtle hues.

· Using a tripod is crucial for keeping the camera steady and enables you to achieve sharper images. It also compels you to consider your composition.

Focus on Details

· You need to take a deliberate approach in the way you position the flowers in your images rather than simply pointing the camera at them and shooting. Instead of moving on after taking one snapshot of the floral arrangements that grab your attention, take some time to go deeper and look closely at the subject.

· Start with shots that consist of the entire flower before concentrating on the attractive and intricate details.

· Focus on the smaller aspects of the wedding flowers pictures such as drops of dew as well as the colors.

Different Angles

Take photographs of the wedding flowers from various angles. You can shoot from the sides, below and straight down to diversify your images.

Direct Sunlight

· Avoid direct sunlight when taking flower pictures. This is a common mistake that some photographers make. Although flowers look great as they glisten in the sun, digital and film will not be able to accommodate the high level of contrast.

· Opt for overcast conditions that allow the colors to saturate and make your pictures look both bright and colorful. Exceptions to this rule are applicable when you want a background that is not distracting. You can achieve this when the flowers are sunlit and the sunlight creates shadows for an uncluttered background.

· If you prefer to take pictures of wedding flowers in sunlight, consider utilizing polarizing filters that enhance the hues and reduce glare.

Camera Settings

Use the ideal settings on the camera to minimize blurring and graininess. For the best results, ensure that you have a tripod and the right settings for some of your shots. This will help you avoid a situation where you have taken an amazing image but the blurring is unacceptable.

Quick Tips

· Turn the bride’s bouquet around to find the best angle. You can pick the side with the highest concentration of flowers.

· When you photograph bouquets, make sure the top of the bouquet faces your camera so that you can get most of the flowers in the shot.

· Take overall centerpiece and table shots along with the rest of the decor.

· Remember to take close-up shots of the flowers, the bride alone with a bouquet, bridesmaid bouquets, and the couple with the bride’s bouquet.

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