If there is one sport that everyone knows and nearly everyone loves in Zambia, then it has to be football. Zambians enjoy playing and watching football in equal measure. The popularity of football in this Southern African nation is greater than any other sport.

So, why is football so popular in Zambia? This question and many others that explain the popularity of football in Zambia will be discussed here.

Top Reasons Why Football is the Most Popular Sport in Zambia

Firstly, you need to know that football is not the only sport in Zambia, there are dozen other sports but people know and love football more than any other sport. Here are some of the reasons:

1. Easy to follow 

One of the reasons football is the most popular sport in Zambia is that it is an easy-to-follow sport. The rules of the game are not as complex as other sports. The sport’s basic rule is that there are two teams striving to score against each other. With that simple understanding, the sport becomes very easy to follow.

2. The passion 

When speaking of football, a lot of passion is evoked. The passion starts with the players and extends to the fans. This is why a loss for the Zambian national team always lowers the spirit of the nation. Therefore, the zeal and the passion that comes with playing and watching football in Zambia is what makes this sport the most popular in the country.

3. Long-running rivalries 

Another reason why football is the most popular is the long-running rivalries among popular teams in the country. For example, the Kitwe Derby, which features Nkana and Power Dynamos is one of the most intense rivalries in the country. Such rivalries are important in enhancing the love for the sport.

4. Growing popularity of foreign football leagues 

The rising popularity of foreign football leagues is also one of the top reasons why football is the most popular sport in Zambia. The English Premier League is still the most popular foreign league that attracts a huge following in Zambia. In Zambia, most football fans have a foreign club that they support, which makes football very interesting and popular in the country.

5. No age limits 

Another reason why football is the most popular sport in Zambia is that it has no age limit. People of different ages in the country follow football.

How is the Popularity of Football in Zambia Shaping the Betting Industry?

The popularity of football in Zambia has risen tremendously over the past few years, fueling many betting companies to set bases in the country.

Promoted sports betting in Zambia 

One of the results of the popularity of football in Zambia is the promotion of sports betting in the country. Many betting websites have popped up, allowing Zambians to have more fun following football matches. Some of the betting websites offer football betting for Zambian fans because they know that the popularity of this sport is so big. Every single Zambian football fan is a potential customer of Betway Zambia online or other betting companies.

Stiff competition, better odds

Another direct impact of the popularity of football in Zambia is that it promotes stiff competition amongst betting companies. When the competition is stiff, the football fans get great odds because most of the companies are struggling to build their fan base and use good odds as an attraction.


The popularity of football is encouraging employment in the country. Direct employment comes from the numerous job opportunities offered to Zambians by the multinational betting companies. Indirect employment opportunities are gotten from the business associations with the betting companies trading in Zambia.

Develop young talent 

In return for the acceptance of the big multinational betting companies, Zambians are benefiting from the community projects launched by some of the betting companies. Such projects include developing training academies or sponsoring football teams that develop young talents. This is a direct payback to the economy, which needs sponsorship to develop sports in the country.

Final say:

The popularity of football in Zambia is of great benefit to the country. It has attracted great investment options that lead to the growth of the economy.

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