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Galaxy Gear Smart-Watch: Samsung Unveils Smart Divice

Berlin– At the IFA last week Samsung, showed off their addition to the smart-watch market. The new watch labeled Galaxy Gear, will launch at the beginning of October in the United States.

The watch will let uses seamlessly connect their phones, users can answer calls, set appointments, and even take pictures and videos.

Sporting a 1.9 megapixel camera on the wrist band, the Galaxy Gear smart watch can send photos and videos to your phone for easy upload to social media.

Users can also use S-Voice to search for information with voice commands. This is helpful when hands are full and you  still need to make a call.

Debuting with the Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Gear looks to get a head start on the rumored iWatch.

Galaxy Gear is slated to retail at $299,a  hefty price for the market. This is twice as much as the Pebble smart-watch and the Sony smart-watch which have been out for a year already. With the high price into the market, it seems that apps will be slow to hit the device.  Users will have to use preloaded apps for now.


Look for Inscriber review as soon as the watch hits the market.


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