Bingo is one of the world’s best-loved pastimes and it’s come a long way since its origins in 16th century Italy. These days, most people choose to play Bingo online, rather than venture out to a traditional Bingo hall. The convenience and accessibility of online Bingo has not only made the game more popular, but taken away the dated stereotypes associated with it. Maybe you’re a traditionalist and are yet to see what all the fuss is about with modern-day Bingo – well, read on as we will give you all you need to know.

Choosing your game

When it comes to online Bingo, you’ll be spoilt for choice in terms of the rooms and games available. While it may seem overwhelming for a newbie, it’s best to go with your interests. Not all games will have a specific theme, but you may find one based on a TV show or film, a period in ancient history or even another online game. As long as you join before the game starts, you can purchase tickets and play.

Newbies will appreciate the Bingo rooms set up for beginners, where players can try before they buy. Get a feel for the game before parting with your hard-earned cash, while chatting online to like-minded people. Before you know it, you’ll have picked the rules up, no problem, and maybe even formed a new friendship.

Once you’ve mastered the basics, you may feel confident enough to join a more advanced game. These tend to be the most popular rooms, where a large jackpot is available and many players race to win mega money. Some of these bigger games attract hundreds of players, so while it may mean the chances of you winning are slimmer than one of the less-popular rooms, winning hundreds of pounds as opposed to £5 will feel all the sweeter.

How to play

It really couldn’t be simpler. Once you’ve decided which game you’d like to play, you buy your tickets. There aren’t any restrictions on the number of tickets you can buy, but the ticket prices are clearly marked on each game. These can range from as little as a penny, up to 50p per ticket. Online Bingo rooms may even have a room where tickets are free. But once you’ve bought your tickets, join the room and wait for the game to start.

Different games offer different ball variations and different ways to win, so it’s best to read the rules of your chosen game before you begin. If you’re a traditional Bingo fan, you’ll be pleased to know that the 90-ball variant is most commonly available. You could also play 75-ball Bingo – or even a 36-ball variation. Winning lines can follow suit of traditional Bingo: one line, two lines and full house; or be more advanced. Some games will even offer additional prizes or have progressive jackpots, meaning multiple cash prizes are waiting to be won.

While games are over in a matter of minutes, sometimes time isn’t on our side. If you’ve bought too many tickets and can’t keep up with the ball calls, or just need to nip away from your device for a few seconds, don’t worry. Many of the games have an auto-daub function, meaning the computer software automatically crosses off any winning numbers on your cards and should you win, that money will be added to your online account in seconds. Perfect for those who are on-the-go, or those who spend more time socialising than concentrating on the game.

Still as sociable

Going to a Bingo hall was a sociable experience that would last two or three hours. Groups of friends would go for a fun and easy night out. Online Bingo is much quicker-paced, but still just as sociable.

To get started, you’ll need to create an online alias – a username which doesn’t give away your real name or any of your account details. Most people choose to be creative, so let your imagination run wild when choosing your name.

Each room has a chatroom linked to it, so you’re able to chat away to your fellow players while the balls are being called – and there’s also a chat host or moderator on hand to ensure the games are running smoothly and fairly, and to keep the conversation flowing. Online Bingo rooms are alive with chatter and you’ll notice the ‘regulars’ know each other well, while welcoming newbies with open arms. Acronyms and abbreviations are often used and while the lingo may seem confusing at first, you’ll soon pick it up – and know your “1TG” from your “BRB” in no time.

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