Casinos have been around for the longest time now. It’s a perpetually growing industry as more and more people get into the world of recreational and even professional gambling. And of course, there are some old-time favorites and classic games that people always return to when it comes to gambling. Regardless if you’re an experienced gambler or not, you are probably already familiar with games like roulette, blackjack, baccarat, slots, and poker.

These are old classics that people know and love. But that doesn’t mean that the casino industry hasn’t come up with new games to innovate the whole hobby of recreational gambling.

These days, gambling is as easy and as accessible as ever. You can do it over your phone with just a few taps of a finger just as long as you’re connected to the internet. And let’s face it. Who isn’t connected to the internet nowadays? But aside from the emergence of newer gaming platforms and devices, there are also newer casino games that have been coming out over the years. They might not exactly be as popular as some of the old classics are, but they might still be worth checking out.

This article is going to highlight a few obscure games that aren’t necessarily all that popular, but might still appeal to a certain type of player. Some of them are innovative twists and spinson classic games while others are completely new games onto themselves. Feel free to browse through the list and check out which one most appeals to you.

Casino War

Remember the card game War that you used to play when you were younger? This is a lot like that except that there’s some gambling involved. The cards in this game are ranked the same way in poker and Aces are always high. The player and dealer each get a card and both get into a contest of who has the higher value card. If it’s a tie, the player can go to war on the dealer and a round of betting ensues. The dealer then has to deal one card each to the player and the house. Whoever has the higher value, wins.


Pachinko games were actually popularized in Japan back in the 1920s as a toy for kids. But nowadays, there are Pachinko parlors located all around the country and are even regulated by the Japanese government. The game itself is like a hybrid of pinball and slots with some variations and complications thrown into the mix. The game is very easy to learn and is vastly exciting to play. No wonder both kids and adults really enjoy it.

Jackpot Darts

Jackpot Darts is a popular online casino game that essentially has players throwing darts for money. Players merely have to bet a certain amount before throwing a dart. The amount can range between a penny and a hundred dollars. Also, a jackpot can be won if a player manages to hit the bull’s eye in three consecutive throws. This is a great game for people who are already good at darts to begin with and who look for games that require a certain level of skill and mastery, aside from just luck.

Red Dog

A huge part of the appeal of Red Dog is that it’s incredibly easy to learn and so simple to play. However, it’s not for people who want games that require skill. This game is all about luck and probability. So, if that’s the kind of game that appeals to you, then great. But a great part about Red Dog is that the house edge significantly decreases with the more decks that are used, unlike Blackjack.



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