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Game of Thrones: Who Betrayed Daenerys Targaryen – Varys or Ellaria?

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This past week’s episode of Game of Thrones was filled with plenty of good scenes. But it was the ending that had everyone talking. Daenerys Targaryen had sent the Greyjoys, along with Ellaria Sand and the Sand Snakes off to Dorne. Here they were set to gather more recruits for Dany’s army.

But things did not go quite according to plan.

Late in the evening, Dany’s ships were ambushed. It was none other than Euron Greyjoy, the Uncle of both Yara and Theon, who was leading the charge. And Euron just so happens to be working for Cersei Lannister at the moment. So this begs the question, how did Cersei know about Dany’s fleet sailing for Dorne?

The most common answer to that question is there is a mole inside of Dany’s team. So obviously, that leads us to the next, more important question. Who betrayed Daenerys? I have two names in mind, but first, let’s eliminate some of the other candidates.

First up, we have Tyrion Lannister. Given he is technically a Lannister, some may want to point in his direction. But let’s not get crazy here. He and Cersei despise one another. So there is simply no chance in hell he is going to help her out. So rule out Danny’s Hand.

Next, we have Missandei and Grey Worm. These two are probably the most truly loyal to Dany, as she basically gave both of them a better life. While they do not have any specific reason to hate the Lannister’s, they also both have zero reasons to betray their Queen. So, let’s see who’s next.

Lady Olenna Tyrell was present in the Targaryen war room as they made their plan. But of everyone present, she probably hates Cersei the most. She also gave Dany one heck of a speech in this past episode. So count her out.

Now we start getting into the more interesting options. There are Yara and Theon Greyjoy. While to this point, both have shown a hatred toward Euron, could it have all been a ploy? Yara has now been taken as a captive by her Uncle, but that could easily be part of the plan. Then there is Theon, who jumped ship instead of protecting his sister at the end of the episode. Maybe he is fed up with having his sister over take him in the position of power in the family, and decided to play the mole.

Now, while I can see some of the logic behind a possible switcheroo with either of the Greyjoys, I am sticking with both of them despising their Uncle. As a result, we are going to tentatively rule them out. That leaves us with two candidates: Varys and Ellaria Sand.

Varys is a man who has switched allegiances more times than most over the course of Game of Thrones and their seven seasons. So to say he is not exactly tied to one ruler is safe to say. He even said it himself this week, when Dany questioned why she should trust him.

I think it is interesting that that scene, which saw Varys explain he is for the people and what is best for them, came in this episode. He is a character I have never fully trusted. So to say I bought all the things he said in that scene would not be accurate. He is a man of words, so he clearly would be able to spin a tale about what Dany would want to hear while also not pledging his full allegiance to her. Which is what I suspect he could have very well done.

But we cannot rule out Ellaria as well. She really hates the Lannister’s. The mere fact that Tyrion is a part of Team Dany could be enough to get her mind scheming. It was Tyrion that Oberyn was defending when he was killed by the Mountain. So here is what suspect happened.

Think back to episode one, where Euron was talking to Cersei. He mentions wanting a Queen. Obviously, many would simply assume he was referring to Cersei. However, what if it was Ellaria that he was, in fact, talking about.

Given Ellaria hates the Lannisters (doesn’t everyone), I doubt she would make a move to help Cersei. So, she turned to Euron, in an effort to double cross both Dany and the Lannisters. Ellaria knew Dany would want her army. Thus, she knew she would be on a boat headed for Dorne at some point.

She was able to get this information to Euron, whom would then attack the ships, led by the Greyjoys. Ellaria would ultimately be taken “captive” (as she was). But instead of Euron turning her over to Cersei, he instead turns on the Lannisters. As a result, Ellaria and Euron would plan to overthrow Cersei together, while leaving Dany and her army wounded.

While it is not a fullproof plan, and Dany still has her Dragons and the Unsullied, it would give the two a fighting chance at the throne. It would pit two of the shows more despised characters with one another, which simply makes s bit of sense.

So what do you think? Who betrayed Daenerys in the last episode of Game of Thrones? Was it Varys? Or was it Ellaria? Or maybe someone else? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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