The holidays bring families together. Whether you want to keep your bored kids occupied or you want fun moments with your family, there a few games that can keep festivities continue all night long. Though holiday-themed TV and films are a great activity, yet the time that you spend with your family and friends is worth spending on passive activities.

There are some brilliant games that you can play with your family including poker games like idn poker and you can keep the fun going.

Dancing eggs

Dancing eggs game is ridiculous and this is the best thing about this game. Before you play this game, you can say by looking at its pieces that it is not a board game. You will get dancing eggs in an egg carton that has rubber eggs along with two big wooden dice and a wooden egg. They are of great quality. Players try to catch or steal eggs to get points.

The game can make interesting depending on the kind of challenge you receive. The competitiveness of this game reduces when you play with kids. If you do not win the game, you will feel you have got something from this game. You cannot easily pick up the eggs but you can pick up the rules. It is a light-hearted game that can be enjoyed by all. It is worth a play.

Beasts of balance

This is a great family game that can be played during the holidays. It is a stacking game that combines digital and physical gameplay. The physical artifacts that you stack and scan on a tower, impact the digital world that you create on your tablet or smartphone. It is a family game because you can enjoy it at its basic level. You can stack beautiful and bright objects and create wonderful creatures in a digital world. If you want you can play strategically.

There are many ways to play this game so you can easily pick for different age groups. The players that play this game are flexible.


Chameleon is a light bluffing game. This game can be played quickly within 10 minutes. It is a simple game where more pressure is given on logical deduction rather than a master liar. It means if you are not good at bluffing, you can be comfortable with this game. You can create personalized words outside what is given in the box. If you are with your family, you can create words with extra meaning.


Carcassonne is based on a city having the same name. In this game, its players are the founders and they place tiles to make their city an impressive one.

Gingerbread Man game

This is a game that can be enjoyed by the whole family. You need a marker, a dice, and a paper. It is similar to Bingo wherein the children shall mark off those numbers that they have rolled through various colored markers. The person who marks off all numbers first is declared the winner.

This is a list of games that you can enjoy with your family.

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