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Geno Smith: From Second Round Hero To Second String Zero

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The past week, the New York Jets lost an ugly game to the Oakland Raiders, which consisted of multiple missed tackles, missed assignments, players getting injured, and honestly, looking like they didn’t care how the rest of the game was going to unfold after Ryan Fitzpatrick went down with a thumb injury.

Yet, after a rally from the captains of the team, the New York Jets look to rebound and keep their playoff hopes alive.

Honestly, after the injury to Ryan Fitzpatrick, and the cameras showed Geno Smith starting to warm up, I was discouraged. I have always been a Geno supporter, until Sunday, when he started to make large unintelligent decisions on the ball field. Look, it understandable that he missed playing in an actual NFL game since last season.

But for me to sit here and say that was the reason why we lost that game, I would be a liar.

Bone head decision number one, throwing an interception on his third pass of the game, granted it was to Charles Woodson, but why would you throw into double coverage like that. Second mistake, running down the sideline, taking a shot to the ribs instead of just ducking out of bounds. Why, like why would someone on Earth even think about doing something like that, to make the team respect you more maybe?

It doesn’t matter, protect yourself over attempting to impress everyone else, regardless half of the team probably thought he was a moron for not running out of bounds. Third, clock management, with this being his third year in the NFL, there is no reason why he should not understand the rule book or even how to efficiently work the clock.

Regardless of all that, when the news broke that Fitzpatrick was going to have to have surgery on his hand, immediate thought was the season was over. Then the news of possibly Geno starting was shot down after his injury continued to linger, and Bryce Petty become the possible starter for the New York Jets on Sunday against Jacksonville.

While the news broke, multiple reports were rumored that Gang Green, was looking for another quarterback, and quickly. Rumored names were Mike Glennon, Colin Kaepernick, even a rumored Vinny Testaverde (joking).

When the New York Jets were making these moves, before Ryan FitzMagic was named the starter for Sundays Game, everyone heard the message loud and clear that was basically stating “We do not trust Geno Smith as our starter, or even as our future.” The New York Jets are looking for a mature, smart, level headed quarterback, who is going to make smart decisions in the pocket and make smart decisions off the field.

Geno Smith cannot fulfill that expectation, and to put it in a better aspect, it is like the Colin Kaepernick situation that is going on in San Francisco. Regardless of the issue, we see that the New York Jets are moving forward, and are looking to potentially leave Geno behind in the process.

How do you think the Jets are handling the situation, comment below and share with others.

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