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Below is our debut Glamour Girl in London-born, Nebraska-raised and Los Angeles-based actress, game show host and glamour model, Stacey Hayes.

Hayes, a blue-eyed English rose, is simply a head-turning, neck-breaking stunner, thanks to a curvy figure and a set of toned and well-defined long legs. At 5’7, and a traffic-stopping body for days, Hayes has modeled for the likes of Playboy, Kandy! Magazine, FHM, MAXIM and Stuff.

An actress as well as a comedienne, Hayes’ screen credits under her belt such as “Las Vegas”, “The Real Roseanne Show”, “Gene Simmons Family Jewels”, “Boston Legal”, “Sunset Strip” and soap opera dramas, “Passions” and “Sunset Beach”.  A truly versatile and multi-talented entertainer, Hayes is perhaps best-known for being the co-judge and host on the critically-acclaimed game show, “Lingo” with Chuck Woolery.

And if you’re up really late at night, you just might catch a glimpse of her in one of her many infomercials, pitching a wide array of products. British-born, Heartland-raised and West Coast-bred, Hayes is the finest thing to come to the States from England since Earl Grey tea.

Below is my Q and A with Stacey as we talk modeling, ice skating, working out and avoiding rattlesnakes when hiking during the hot summers out in California.


Name: Stacey Hayes

Height: 5’7

Birthplace: London, England, United Kingdom

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Measurements: 32F-23-33

How can we follow you online? Instagram: @hoststaceyhayes | Facebook: @staceyhayesofficial | Twitter: @STACEYHAYES1 | Website: | IMDB: Stacey Hayes


How did you start modeling? I started as a child model and actress in the U.K. and have been going strong ever since! Eventually moving to Hollywood opened up a lot of other opportunities for me.

Tell us what are you into besides modeling? I have been an international TV presenter for many years as well as an actress. I can still be seen 7 days a week on America’s number one rated game show “Lingo” The episodes were filmed years ago but it’s so popular it continues to run all over the world!

And if you happen to be watching late-night television, you’re sure to see me in one of the many infomercials I host! I’m also costarring in a movie coming out the end of the year.

Tell us a bit about your career besides from modeling because am I right in saying you have a talent. Well….I am a former competitive Ice skater and childhood athlete as well as being an accomplished actress from the age of 3 years old when I was cast to play Elizabeth Taylor’s daughter in a British film. I have done close to 100 TV commercials and  I have hosted over 100 infomercials.

What does  your family think of your modeling career? My family has always been extremely supportive, especially since I started as a child model and actor in the U.K.

What do you do in your free time? I am very athletic and outdoorsy and enjoy anything that’s in nature.  I love to hike, I absolutely love to be close to the ocean and one of my favorite activities is kayaking, in fact I plan to go again this year for my birthday in La Jolla California. It can be a bit treacherous on the return to shore and I usually end up capsizing but I still love it! LOL

What’s the biggest city you’ve been to for a photo shoot? I have had the opportunity to work pretty much in all the major cities in the world. But being that I’m half British, London will always hold a special place in my heart.

What city do you have on your list to go to before you end your modeling career? I’ve been pretty much everywhere except Switzerland. I really want to go there, the Swiss Alps look so incredibly beautiful!

Many readers love you we can see that by your following what would you like to say to them? If you’re already following me on social media a big thank you, and if you aren’t please find me here:




What would you say your best feature is? Hmmm, well I guess I just have to go by what people tell me and they usually either say my blue eyes or my long muscular ice skaters legs 🙂

What are your 5 top work out routines? Running for sure, I run at least 5 miles per day , it feels good just to sweat it all out! Also living in Southern California, it makes it easy for me to swim 6 months out of the year, I love swimming it’s a wonderful full body exercise and it’s also low impact.

Pilates is another favorite workout of mine as it strengthens and tones without bulking me up. In the winter months, I also enjoy hiking it’s such a great work out but since you’re outdoors enjoying nature it doesn’t even feel like exercise! With a little bit of weight training thrown in and squats ,can’t do too many squats or sit ups 🙂

What is your secret to staying in shape? My primary secret is running daily. I have found nothing burns calories or gives more immediate cardio than running and for me being mostly vegetarian with a diet heavy in salmon, daily wheatgrass shots and kale smoothies.

Being a former competitive ice skater, I’m used to training daily, I work out 7 days a week it’s the way I choose to start my day regardless of how busy I am. I run 5 miles daily, also i enjoy Pilates it stretches and lengthens my muscles without bulking me up. Living in LA, I also take advantage of the long summer by swimming daily, if the weather permits.

In the winter months, I also incorporate hiking, I find it too hot to hike in the summer (and I’m also afraid of the rattlesnakes! LOL) but I enjoy it in the winter.

What advice can you give to models wanting to start out in the industry? This is a very fun yet challenging field to get into but I truly believe there is room for everybody. I think it’s important to go into it with realistic expectations, a positive attitude and unfortunately you do  have to grow a bit of a thick skin as it’s extremely competitive and not tremendously forgiving… but with that said there is still a lot of success and enjoyment to be had!

Who do you recommend to work with when starting out and trying to build a name? That’s tricky to answer, you have to be very careful whom you work with and whom you trust  the best bet is to go by word-of-mouth in whatever particular city you live in. Research research research!

Special thanks to Stacey for her time and assistance during the Glamour Girl! Q and A interview. Email us at if you feel that you have the look of being our next GG! girl.

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