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Glamour Girl! Q and A With Fitness Model and ‘Bromans’ Actress, Cherelle Perfect

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Name: Cherelle Perfect

Birthplace: Essex, United Kingdom

Age: 24

Social Media Links: Instagram @Cherelleperfect | Facebook: Cherelle perfect |Twitter: @Cherellperfec1 | Youtube: Essexshredz


Tell us some of your current guilty pleasures in music, TV, movies, video games and/or books? I LOVVEEEEEE Ed Sheeran – 1. because were both ginger there ain’t a lot of us so you have to support the gingers!!! and 2. because his voice is amazing and i do love a guitar.. Books I just cannot get into because I read one sentence and then forget what I’ve just read.. I love comedies when it comes to movies – I really love to laugh, it’s healthy to laugh 🙂

What song in your playlist is the most embarrassing to admit? Most embarrassing song is Mariah Carey’s ‘We belong Together’, but it’s my ultimate fave!! It’s a great belter tune and I love to sing it at the top of my voice when no one is in the room. I think i have a great voice but others may think very differently, haha!!!

Do you have any favourite sports teams and/or players? I don’t really have a fave sports team, but my favorite sport is Horse riding, I’ve ridden horses since i was little, I was about 2-years-old when I first rode.. and its been my hobby ever since!

If you were a cartoon character, who would you be and why? I would be Jesse from Toy Story, she is fierce, ginger, sexy and rides a horse. Me to a T!

If you could invite any three people, dead or alive, to dinner, who would they be? Michael Jackson, so he can sing to me all night long, Channing Tatum so I can just stare at him and perv all night, And Jack Whitehall so I can laugh until I wee myself‎.

Name one place on your travel bucket list? One spot on my bucket list is (the state of) Texas, I want to learn how to be a cow girl and walk around in cowgirl outfits all day and scream at the top of my voice YEEEEEEHAAA whilst galloping through the wind!

Any special hidden talents? One talent that I’m very proud of is squatting 130kg – that’s pretty impressive for a woman (and many men too!)

A genie grants you three wishes – what are you asking for? I would wish for all of my loved ones and I to be able to live forever and never grow old bit like Peter Pan, I’d also like  a walk in wardrobe of all the best dresses, shoes and bags in the world, and I get to show jump with Katie Price on one of her horses ( I’m a huge fan of Katie, she’s amazing )

What is the best and worst thing about modelling? The best thing about being a model is getting your pictures taken and posing. I mean life couldn’t get any better than giving your best poses and looking your best all the time. Doing photo shoots is a great confidence booster and so much fun.

What is your proudest accomplishment thus far in your career? My proudest accomplishment is bringing up my baby horse, I got him when he was 6 months and I have taught him everything he knows. He is turning in to such a gentlemen, he is almost 2-years-old now so I only have 1 more year until I can start to put a saddle on his back.

What is your best physical attribute and what is your best personality attribute? I would probably say the best thing is my butt, I definitely work hard on it and squat almost every day. I would say my best personality attribute is I’m always laughing and happy, life is too short to be down or sad.

We should all ‎enjoy life and be positive!

Who are your celebrity crushes, male or female? My main celebrity crush is Lindsey Lohan, she is such a beauty and of course she is ginger too, haha. And Channing Tatum – all I can say when he was in “Magic Mike” is OH MY!!!!!!!

Special thanks to Cherelle Perfect, Intrigue Agency, King Publishing for their time and assistance during the Glamour Girl! Q and A interview. Email us at inscribermagazine@theinscribermag.com if you feel that you have the look of being our next GG! girl.

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