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As we are in the depths of winter and spring being right around the corner, our thoughts turn to warmer things and how to stay toasty inside. Thanks to sub-zero temperatures outside, along with a global pandemic and concerns of health and safety, many are looking inwards and staying inside. One very good reason to stay warm is Colombian lingerie and lifestyle model, Dania Gonzalez.

Gonzalez, a smoldering 26-year-old smoke show of Latin hotness, brings her own level of heat thanks to her dark eyes, golden skin and curves. Below, I catch up with the sexy colombiana as we talk about modeling, her plans on moving to Los Angeles, and her goal of becoming a journalist and social communicator.


Who Is She?


Name: Dania González

Age: 26

Birthplace: Manizales, Colombia

Social Media: Instagram: @daniagp.1

Thank you for interviewing with us here at INSC! Tell us about you?

Thank you very much! I am from Manizales, Colombia and I am studying to be a social communicator and journalist.

I have dedicated myself to modeling since I am 14 years old. It is my favorite pastime, my greatest achievement was Miss World Caldas and represent my region in this competition in 2017. I also participated in Mrs. Manizales, where I got third place and in Lord Corazón of Colombia; I still keep studying studies on my profession today.

Outside of modeling, what are your hobbies and passions?

Two years ago, I started my line of beauty products, focused on the care of the lips and at present, I’m developing another project that I am excited about! My aim is to be able to help those who need light on their way and show how wonderful they are if we let them enter our lives.

Special thanks to Ms. Dania Gonzalez and IN Models Agencia for their help, time and assistance.




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