If you are among the majority of people in the UK that feel they are stuck in a dead end job, then you should be considering your options. Are you too old to go back to university? Do you have the right skills to be able to graduate and change careers?

Luckily, it is never too late to go back to university. There will be special challenges, make no mistake. Going back to university is never a bad idea, however. Let’s look at what it takes to change course later in life.

Never too late

Don’t believe that it is too late to go back to university.

Or, that you are too old to learn anything. Your past may seem unrelated to what you would rather do in the future, but the fact is that you have transferable skills that you’ve acquired over the years.

In fact, you may even be in a better position than a teenager to excel at school. You are able to multitask from years of practice in your current job and home life. You actually want to be there, too. This is crucial for learning. And you are more focused on the results you expect to achieve.

Can you afford it?

You may have recently been made redundant and funds are very tight. Or, your growing family is stretching your resources.

You definitely will need to make a budget to make this work, but there is help available. Scholarships are usually available regardless of age or experience. What is a scholarship? It’s simply a bursary that is a non-repayable sum of money that you can use towards your education.

Take a look into your scholarship options to see if you may get some financial relief before you start paying.

Pick a university

Making sure you go to the right university is very important. Since you are not looking for general education, but rather a specific degree, you’ll need to make sure you are in the right place.

In fact, even the type of university is going to be important to choose. A small university is probably going to be better for you. Having a smaller campus will save time in getting to classes. And advisors will likely have fewer students so you can get the help you need.

Try online universities

Juggling a job, family and other responsibilities is a challenge. Adding studying to the mix further complicates life.

Lately, there are a number of universities that offer online degrees. This could be exactly the right fit if you need to have a lot of flexibility for your studies. Completing a degree in your spare time is likely going to ensure that you are able to complete the degree and find a new job.

Do your research and find the right one that offers the degree you need and doesn’t require you to have to attend lectures. This is becoming easier and easier as time goes on.

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