Wristbands have served many purposes for years now. These trendy accessories are also commonly worn as a show of support for a cause or charitable organization. This makes wristbands almost similar to awareness ribbons.

You have most likely seen people wear wristbands of different colors and sizes. But have you ever wondered if these colors represent a certain belief or awareness?

Pink Wristbands

Pink is the most well-known for wristbands. It has long been associated as a sign of support for women. It signifies the awareness of breast cancer. They are often imprinted with the words “Survivor,” “Hope,” “Faith,” and “Strength.”

This wristband is also popularly associated with childhood cancer awareness.

White Wristbands

Another common color for wristbands is white. This is commonly associated with social issues such as poverty or racism. The color white also represents peace and religious beliefs. It was made popular by the famous campaign “Make Poverty History.”

Red Wristbands

Red wristbands are commonly used to show support for HIV-AIDS victims. These wristbands are often imprinted with the words “Courage,” “Hope,” and “Strength.” The color red was first used in 1991 symbolizing AIDS awareness and now the red wristband remains the symbol in creating awareness for the disease.

These wristbands are also used to represent heart disease and stroke.

Green Wristbands

Green wristband wearers typically show support for the environment. However, different shades of green show other different causes as well. For example, sea green represents stuttering awareness, while light green is synonymous with celiac disease and other common diseases such as STDs. This also promotes awareness for kidney cancer and childhood depression.

Yellow Wristbands

The yellow wristband was first used by the famous cyclist, Lance Armstrong. He first introduced his yellow wristbands to raise more awareness and funds for cancer. It is also often used for missing children.

This color also shows for suicide prevention, bladder cancer and endometriosis.

Purple Wristbands

Another color that is widely used is purple. It represents awareness for certain ailments such as ADHD, Alzheimer’s, chronic and acute pain, thyroid cancer, and also elder abuse.

Blue Wristbands

Blue wristbands are a common symbol used by organizations to represent anti-bullying. It also represents the prevention of prostate, colon and colorectal diseases.

Black Wristbands

Black wristbands symbolize death and mourning. They are also used to represent skin cancer, sleep disorders and gang prevention.

It can still get a little confusing to remember what these colors represent. But now that you already have an idea, you can now tell what the wearer is supporting or advocating.

And since wristbands are now very easily customizable, you can always create your custom bracelets with the color, size and message that you want. You can also consider having these transformed into keychains.

These wristbands are cost-effective accessories, which makes them very useful tools to raise awareness.

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