Gold bracelet buying guide

Gold bracelets date many years ago, and they continue their popularity among many women from all over the world. The bracelets are not only beautiful, but they can change the whole ensemble of a woman in seconds. Gold bracelets go well with any dressing and compliment a woman’s beauty. Today’s gold bracelets come in amazing designs, price ranges, and sizes. 

A classic, sculptured, modern, or refined Georg Jensen gold bracelet for women makes a beautiful gift either for you or for a friend. However, with some of the best jewelry houses and sellers from across the globe offering excellent deals on their best jewelry pieces, it is sometimes daunting to choose what one wants from the vast collection available in the market. The following buying guide will do you great good next time you go shopping. 

Things to note before buying a gold bracelet

Type of bracelet

 Avoid any disappointments from purchasing the wrong bracelet by deciding on the type of gold bracelet you want before you go shopping. The only way to do this is by researching the items on offer. If you go shopping before deciding on what you want, you may spend hours going through the catalog that holds hundreds of different pieces. It would help if you also differentiated between a bracelet and a bangle so that you do not make any regrets later. 

Have clear wrist measurements

Though you can resize the length of a fold bracelet, it would be less cumbersome if you knew the exact measurements of your wrist or the wrist of a person you are gifting with the bracelet. Knowing the correct size comes in handy in case you want a customized piece too. The size you opt for should be about half an inch bigger larger than the wrist size to allow it to stay midway on the wrist. If you choose something with a broader size difference, it will slip too often, making it uncomfortable to wear. 

Carat measurements

Carat measurements determine the purity of the gold in the bracelet or any other gold jewelry you buy. For bracelets, the most common carat measurements are 13, 18, and 22. An authentic gold bracelet comes bearing the number of carats, which gives you the purity guarantee of the item. If you know nothing about the carat measurements, you can ask for details from your seller or anyone else that is competent in everything gold. 

Brand name

Buying a gold bracelet from a reputable brand is very important because then you can be sure of getting a genuine item. The importance of this is because there are many imitations in the market. A replica will fade along the way, but an authentic gold piece will retain its color for a lifetime. The seller you choose to buy from should have all the right credentials, and the item should come with a return policy and a warranty.

A reputable seller also offers a wider variety of choices, which makes it even easier to get the exact bracelet you want. A reliable seller will also personalize your bracelet to your needs, which includes resizing it to the size that fits you. 


Knowing how much you want to spend on your gold bracelet is also another significant factor. Genuine gold bracelets do not come cheap, especially if they come with additional stone studding. The cost of the stone varies according to the weight. Remember, the larger the carat measurement, the more expensive the bracelet. 

Customizing the bracelet, which includes engraving, may also require additional costs. It is not wrong to compare prices of what you want from different sellers to be sure that what you are getting is the best deal. 

Wrapping it up

Gold bracelets come in many shapes and styles, and people buy them to complement their dressing or occasions. Whatever the case, this buying guide will come in handy next time you go gold bracelet shopping for your or as a gift for a friend. 

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