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Gotham: 15 Burning questions for Season 3

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With the month of September here, it is time to turn your attention to the fall television schedule. One show that is highly anticipated is Fox’s Gotham, which tells the story of the eventual Commissioner of Gotham, Jim Gordon. It is a world set in Batman’s city, but only features a young Bruce Wayne. While he is a big part of the show, he is only one of many key characters.

In a world with so many characters, which the Batman world contains, there can be a lot going on. And the show can claim just that, with the major players such as Jim Gordon, Bruce Wayne, Penguin, Ed Nygma, Fish Mooney, Selina Kyle and a ton of other baddies.

With that, a new season brings a lot of intrigue. And with intrigue, comes a ton of questions. The list of questions leading up to Gotham Season 3 is endless, especially considering the way Season 2 ended. Without any further ado, here are 15 of the biggest questions as the third installment of the show approaches.

What brings Gordon back to Gotham?

At the end of Season 2, Jim Gordon was leaving Gotham in search of Lee, who was set to give birth to their child before losing the baby. Lee had moved down to Atlanta and had set herself up on her own. But it was clear Gordon wanted to find her and connect once again during last year’s finale.

But as we all know, Gordon is going to find his way back to Gotham. But for what purpose? Will it be Bullock who brings him back, calling him in response to all the monsters that have been unleashed on the city? Will Bruce call upon his friend for some reason? This is a question that will likely be answered fairly quickly.

Who is the Bruce Wayne doppelganger?

Season 2’s largest cliffhanger came in the form of David Mazouz appearing on screen, and not as Bruce Wayne. He had much longer hair and came off the boss that contained the monsters from Indian Hill. This led to the buzz after the episode, with fans asking, “Who the heck is that?”.

Could he be Bruce’s twin, who was separated from his brother at birth? Could he be someone who came about from Thomas Wayne’s DNA following his death? Or maybe he has no relation to Bruce at all? His relationship to Bruce will likely impact what type of role he will play in the series. I would assume he will eventually be crossing paths with his look-a-like, but until we see him again, we have no idea who Bruce’s duplicate actually is.

Will Lee return, and if so how big of a role will she play?

As mentioned above, Lee moved on and has settled down in Atlanta. Morena Baccarin is set to return, following her real life pregnancy, meaning the first part of the question appears to be a safe bet. Lee should be back, but how she figures in the big question remains to be seen.

Will she be back in Jim’s life? Things did not end on good terms between the couple, so that is far from a safe bet. Will she be back in Gotham, or will her scenes be in Atlanta where Jim finds her? A lot remains to be seen when it comes to Lee.

How big of a role will the new Poison Ivy play?

One of the hottest topics surrounding Gotham while it was on break revolved around the re-casting of the character Poison Ivy. They went from the young Clare Foley, to the older Maggie Geha. The change in actress led many to wonder how the character could age so dramatically over the course of a few months.

The answer to that likely comes from the unleashing of a ton of monsters that were tested on at Indian Hill. But that is not what I am here to ask. With the change in actress, the character is likely in line for a much more promising role in Season 3. But how big? Will she enter any of the prime storylines, or will she be relegated to a part of one of the more minor arcs?

How long will we have to wait to see Jerome again?

We know Jerome is still walking around, even though the last time we saw him was laying there dead with blood coming from his mouth. This is because he was a part of the Indian Hill experiments, and we heard his laugh when the bus was opened up during the season 2 finale.

Cameron Monaghan made a character that has only appeared in about four episodes over two seasons one of the best parts of the show. With that, fans are buzzing as to when he will be back, and if he is actually going to be the Joker. But the early part of Season 3 appears to be jam packed. So how long before there is enough room to bring back the maniac that is Jerome? Will we go the entire season without seeing him, or will he show up during the back end of the season?

How does Nygma get out of Arkham, if at all?

The last time we saw Nygma, he was left in a cell in Arkham. So will he get out of Arkham this season? Or will he become the leader of all the inmates, proving his ability to manipulate people? Not much is known about where Nygma fits into the season, meaning he very well could be in Arkham all season.

How dangerous is Fish going to become?

Towards the end of last season, Fish was brought back to life and this team, she had some new powers. Any time she touches someone, she essentially has the ability to control them. She has this form of mind control with the touch of her hand to another’s skin, meaning she instantly becomes one of the most dangerous people in the city.

But the city is filled with dangerous villains, so where she will rank? Will she learn any new powers? And could she return to the throne of Gotham? Only time will tell.

Will Penguin and Butch be the top baddies in Gotham?

I will keep this one simple. As mentioned above, Gotham is filled with a ton of villains. Now that Penguin and Butch are back together, will the two be able to rise back to the top, which is where they sat following the death of Fish? With Fish back in town, and with those new powers, that rise back to the top will not be easy. But we know Butch and Penguin will not go down without a fight.

Where does Hugo Strange fit into this season?

Last we saw Hugo Strange; he was being taken into custody. But will he be brought to prison, or placed in Arkham? Last season’s big bad will likely be reduced to a much smaller role this year, but given how prominent he was last year, he will not be forgotten completely.

We have seen him in some of the promotional material for the show’s new season, but not much can be learned from those clips. We know he is incarcerated, but who will he get the chance to have scenes with him? He has the connection to the Court of Owls, meaning he could very well come into play in that arc. But could it simply be so they can kill him off?

Will Barbara and Tabitha have some of the most entertaining scenes of the season?

All that is known about Barbara and Tabitha’s roles in Season 3 is that the duo will have their club. And that club is supposed to a hot spot for the Gotham baddies. The two will likely be having some fun torturing others in their club, meaning their scenes could be pretty entertaining. But will they be the most entertaining of the season? I surely think they have that potential.

How big of a threat will the Mad Hatter be?

The Mad Hatter is set to open the season as the main villain of Season 3. Benedict Samuel will play the baddie who is set to terrorize Gotham and become a thorn in the side of Jim Gordon. But will he simply be hold over until the Court of Owls come to light? Or will he actually pose a real threat throughout the entire season? My gut says he will be more of a placeholder, but that doesn’t mean he cannot do some serious damage in the early goings of the season.

How long before we learn more about the Court of Owls?

The Court of Owls are going to be the big bads o the show at some point on Gotham. But like the return of Jerome, the wait could last a bit. With the Mad Hatter set to take center stage, the Court of Owls will likely be the focus of Bruce Wayne. But Bruce is not going to discover who they are right off the bat.

There will be some serious digging to be done by the young Wayne. And that means time will be taken on their story. But exactly how long will the wait be?

Where does Selina fit into this whole thing?

Selina Kyle is one of the most interesting characters on the show. She is a villain who has some hope, but her life of growing up on the streets has led her to resort to the life of crime. Fans want her to succeed and join Bruce on the good side, but we know where things eventually end up.

As far as this season, there is so much going on, it is easy to forget Selina is in need of an arc. She is likely going to be back by the side of Fish Mooney, serving as her right hand woman. She will also likely interacting with Bruce once again. At the end of the day, Selina has no clear cut direction, meaning the intrigue around the character is high.

Does Bruce start taking an interest in Wayne Enterprises?

Bruce Wayne does not only become Batman down the road, but also takes on some responsibilities at his families company. His primary focus is uncovering the secrets his parents have left behind, and that will put him on a path to find out about the Court of Owls. And the Court of Owls appear to have some serious ties to Wayne Enterprises.

So it is entirely possible that Bruce finally starts to take an interest in his families companies in hopes of cleaning it up and finding out more about the past. There is one clip in the promotional material where Alfred appears pleased by a major decision Bruce makes, and it could very well be the one to take on a major role in the company.

With so many characters, will Mr. Freeze be pushed to the background?

Mr. Freeze was one of the best villains of Season 2. Looking ahead into Season 3, there is no sign of him. With so many villains now calling Gotham home, Mr. Freeze appears to be left out in the cold (pun fully intended). Could he show up at Barbara and Tabitha’s club? Or will he eventually show up to cause some serious havoc?

One thing is clear, and that is the fact that Gotham has a lot going on. With so many interesting characters, it can be hard to give each of them enough screen time to shine to their fullest. The storylines need to make sense while incorporating everyone. But with two seasons in the books, the show has proven it can handle such a task.

Gotham returns to televisions screens for Season 3, subtitled “Mad City”, in just under two weeks on September 19th.

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