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WWE Smackdown Live: Miz could be the best heel

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The Miz might be the best heel on WWE’s Smackdown Live. It’s been a long time coming too, as the booking team hasn’t been too kind to him over the years. With the Intercontinental Title, the act is once again fresh, and he’s seen new life because of it.

It’s easy to forget that Miz was the main event of Wrestlemania 27. In fact, he won his main event match against John Cena. He’s been given the alpha dog role in WWE before and has won the Intercontinental Title five times in four years. But has somehow managed to fall from grace, and up until recently, has never really recovered.

Maryse has been a monumental part of Miz’s act and is a catalyst as to why he’s had this resurgence. Married in real life, Maryse and Miz work well together, and her ability to play the heel valet have done wonders for the act. They make the perfect heel pair on television, two snobby and self-centered individuals only looking out for what’s best for them.

It’s not just Maryse that has catapulted Miz. He’s done a great job of selling himself as well. The star of a collection of WWE movies, Miz portrays himself as a Hollywood star, someone simply too good for the average person. It works well regarding getting a crowd reaction, as fans simply hate him.

Early in his career, Miz was hated for a multitude of reasons, most stemming from his unorthodox path to WWE. He appeared on MTV’s The Real World years before he ever stepped foot in a wrestling ring. Fans don’t take too kindly to someone that they feel hasn’t paid his dues in the business.

Eventually, people bought into the Miz. And while he’s not the most popular superstar on the roster, he’s done his fair share of work in and out of the ring to demand respect. And when it comes to Smackdown Live, he’s probably the only superstar on the roster that gets a consistent reaction from fans.

While getting booed might be seen as a sign of hatred, for Miz it’s more a sign of respect. Fans continue to boo and jeer at him, regardless of what angle he plays. Unlike other top heels such as Bray Wyatt and A.J. Styles, Miz isn’t a tweener; you just don’t like him. His character makes you want to punch his face in, and that’s why he’s the best heel on Smackdown Live.

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