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Gotham Episode 3 Review: Penguin Returns, Catwoman Eludes Gordon

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(Image courtesy of ibtimes.com)
(Image courtesy of ibtimes.com)

This episode could have been a filler episode. It has a non-descript villain. I got the feeling that it was building to the next part of the story.

Fortunately, there were some awesome scenes and a cool twist at the end that created some intriguing possibilities.

Bruce Wayne gets files related to his parents’ murder. It was just another part of his evolution into Batman. The Penguin also made his return.

Penguin came back to Gotham was back to his old tricks. He managed to get inside the rival crime family that is opposing Carmine Falcone. There is no doubt that he will cross paths with Fish Mooney again. Robin Lord-Taylor was the standout performer in the episode once again. Another great scene was the “Cat” and Jim Gordon scene.

The Catwoman and Gordon scene was interesting. It was odd that he went down into a sewer and didn’t have her get the wallet. She made him look foolish by escaping. It was another reminder of what she will become and it was appropriate for the character. It was one of the best scenes in the episode. Speaking of Fish Mooney, she was scheming again.

She told the two cops about Gordon’s “murder” of the Penguin. It set up a confrontation between the two parties. They clearly don’t like each other and will eventually come to blows. It was clever to plant those seeds of doubt about Gordon. Mooney remains an interesting character to watch as the series evolves because she is proving to be unpredictable. It led to a revelation that Montoya and Barbara Gordon are ex-lovers.

The scene with Barbara and Montoya fleshed out their backstories. It does make you wonder if Barbara’s loyalties will waver at some point. There was a new villain, the Balloon Man.

It was an interesting villain because he killed people with weather balloons. These people were prominent figures in Gotham society. They were also corrupt. Jim believes it isn’t right for people to take the law into their own hands regardless of who is killed. His partner doesn’t care until a cop is among the victims.

In the end, they stop the vigilante. Jim shows his selflessness again by trying to save his adversary. Barbara confronts Jim about what Montoya said. He pleads his innocence and she believes him. The scene is nice. The scene at the end is one of those curveballs that you don’t see coming.

The Penguin shows up at Jim’s apartment and stuns him. It is going to be interesting to see what transpires between these two.

It was a decent episode, but the twist made up for the slower pace.

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