Hey folks, it’s time for the inaugural edition of the Gridiron Gospel!

First things first, Panthers, Patriots, both 10-0. Though the Pats looked shaky, they survived. That’s what you do in sports competition – survive and advance.

Broncos, Bengals, Cardinals, all 8-2.  Of those three, the strongest is the Cardinals.  Three games up in the NFC West and I don’t see anyone touching them – especially in the desert.

The Indianapolis Colts and Houston Texans are languishing in first place at 5-5.  Wait a minute – LANGUISHING IN FIRST PLACE?? How the hell is this possible?  Because the AFC South is a flat out joke.  Injuries have demolished that division and yet that division can do what the NFC West did in 2009 – produce a division champion at 7-9.  The Colts hold the upper hand due to divisional record, but that is in serious jeopardy due to the lack of Luck – Andrew Luck that is.

Back to the Cardinals – as mentioned, three games up in the NFC West and you may as well call it four with their beat down of Seattle IN Seattle.  Rams and 49ers, (ESPECIALLY THE 49ers) Good luck next year.

Seahawks are done for too.  And I hold myself personally responsible for not giving the Arizona Cardinals as much credit as I should have. Carson Palmer is doing the dauggaune thing.  And quite well I might add.

But in the NFC, the spotlight belongs to Cam Newton.  And again, I didn’t give Newton much of a chance this season.  Boy he is proving me wrong.  This looks like the Cam Newton we saw in his rookie year, but he’s taking the Carolina Panthers with him.

Quick on his feet, skilled in his throws as well as precise, a little arrogant – but in a good way – with his dances and the Superman reveal.  He’s helping the Panthers progress to that next level. And also keep in mind, the last time the Panthers got this far undefeated it landed them in Houston for the Super Bowl.

Taking on the Patriots no less.

The Denver Broncos somehow, someway are 8-2 and three games up on the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC West who have won four in a row.  Who the hell is this Brock Osweiler kid?  You would think he’s learned a few things.  Oh yeah, Peyton Manning is his tutor.

Never mind!  He HAS learned a few things.

I called for the San Diego Chargers to win this division and despite the numbers, they are 2-8 and headed toward the draft and – Los Angeles??

The Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings are leading the NFC Norris – err NFC North at 7-3.  But the Packers are all the way vulnerable.  After starting the season 6-0 and looking like world beaters, they have lost three of their last four including a loss to – if you can believe it – DETROIT.  Yes, the Motor City Kitties in the words of Vikings play-by-play man Paul Allen (whom I absolutely love to listen to.  He’s fun when calling a game win or lose).  The Bears and Lions (oh my!) are trailing and fading fast.

Whoever said the Bears were going to compete this year, I reference the first two games of the season.  And if THAT weren’t enough, they have to face a revived and not to mention ANGRY Packer squad in Lambeau, ON THANKSGIVING NIGHT.  UGH!

The NFC South is tucked away comfortably in the hands of the Carolina Panthers.  Already talked about Newton and how he’s leading the offense, but how about this Panthers defense – stingy, stout, and angry.  And playing with a chip on their shoulder.

The Atlanta Falcons and New Orleans Saints were expected to compete, but strangely enough, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers may have found their franchise in Famous Jameis.

Hmmmmmm, looking quite interesting in Tampa.  And my question for this division, Has the Drew Brees, Sean Payton marriage ended in N’awlins?

I know I’m skipping over a lot of teams and skipping around as I go and I promise I’ll have a better layout for the Gridiron Gospel, but wanted to give you guys something to whet your football appetites.

And hey, if you have a suggestion for me to add to this, let the Big Bri know.  Until then, be blessed and talk to y’all in seven! Happy Thanksgiving – God Bless!

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