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Thanksgiving: There’s An Awful Lot To Be Thankful for

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With Thanksgiving just around the corner, of course it is time to bust out the “Thankful For” Columns. Now even though I am thankful for:

Robert Cobb (Editor, Founder and Publisher of “Inscriber Digital Media” and this fine website) for allowing me the blank canvas to work my artistry.

The Award Winning Nick Ficorelli (Host of the Mad Scientist Sports Lab on Saturday Nights right here on Inscriber Digital Media and Podcast Commandant) for not only standing up to the Podcasting Troll, but also for allowing me to voice my opinion on the air without censorship.

The Sporty Diva herself (The founder and host of Sports Infusion) for not only allowing me to have a place to voice my opinions, but for also giving me the prime real estate next to her on the air.

Lowell Moore (The Fan Man) for not only coming up with the genius idea of What A Fan, but to have the follow through and patience to stick with it and make What A Fan, the one true voice of the fans.

Chad “The Buffalo” Setera (co-host of FantasyJAM) for not only driving the bus without crashing, but for making me look (or sound) so damn good on the air.

I am not going to get all sappy and thank them. No, instead I decided to a look around the sports landscape and see which Teams, Owners, Players, Fans and League Officials have something to really be thankful for:

Roger Goodell: That fans care more about the product on the field than the players off of it, because as long as he is making the owners money, he has a job

Laker Fans: Memories. Without them there would be no way to know how great this franchise once was. Harken back to the 80’s when Magic and Worthy led the way, or the fun we had with Shaq and Kobe as the league’s best duo.

Tom Brady: The relationship between Patriots owner Robert Kraft and Roger Goodell. With the two of them enjoying their little bromance, the four-time Super Bowl champ and The Hood Rat can pretty much get away with anything without fear of punishment.

Kansas City Royals: The 7th – 9th innings. No team in MLB history scored more runs in the post-season from the 7th inning on than the 51 the Royals scored this year. Just when the Astros, Blue Jays and Mets thought they had the Royals put away, KC would score again. World Series Game 5 is a perfect example, when Mets closer Jeurys Familia got all 3 hitters he faced to ground out, but still blew a save when the Royals were able to scratch across a run.

Steph Curry: Genetics. Don’t get me wrong, there is no question right now Curry is the best player in the NBA and he works hard to be as good as he is, but starting with the DNA of one of the best pure shooters to come along in a long while doesn’t hurt either.

Buffalo Bills: That they only have to face the Patriots twice a year. It seems no matter what kind of team they have, no matter the talent of offense or defense, the Patriots for the better part of this century have the Bills number.

ESPN: Mickey Mouse. Without Mickey and his millions, the four letter network would not have been able to outspend and ultimately outlast its competition, thereby setting up a situation where without competition and their never ending stable of attractive female sports reporters such as Britt McHenry and Kaylee Hartung, they can run their mediocre—at best—programming how they feel and run roughshod over the casual sports fan, because, what other choice do you have.

Sports Fans: The Internet. Thanks to Al Gore(sic) sports fans all over the world can not only keep up with their favorite team, and find out every stat down to the tiniest bit of minutiae and of course, they can find a squirrel on water skis whenever they need a laugh.

NASCAR: Jeff Gordon. With this season just coming to an end, so did the racing career of one of NASCAR’s best. Gordon and his Rainbow Warriors helped take more of niche sport and bring it to the mainstream. His battles with Dale Earnhardt Senior are what Sunday’s at the track were dying for and they never seemed to disappoint.

Miami Marlins: Only one Scott Boras. There are plenty of reasons why a player may get traded from a team. He has worn out his welcome, he is too expensive, or because the players he can get in return can help a team rebuild. But never have I seen player get traded because of who his agent is, until now. That’s right, Jose Fernandez, who is one of the best young pitchers in the sport and is still cheap enough that even the Marlins could have afforded to keep him. But, because of Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria’s disdain for Fernandez agent Scott Boras, the team is talking about dealing him so Loria won’t have to deal with Boras.

WWE Fans: The Undertaker. I know this is a little corny sounding, but after watching Survivor Series and realizing the Deadman has been doing it for 25 years, it is pretty amazing. Watching him perform at Survivor Series was a true treat, and wrestling fans should be grateful that they have had an icon like him over the past quarter century.

Me: For all of you. For the past 3 years I have done podcasts, guested on radio shows and written columns, and while I enjoy doing all three, there would be no point in doing it if there was nobody there to listen or read. So on this Thanksgiving Day let me just say, Thank You.

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