Most men need to shave, it is hard to imagine that someone doesn’t remove their body hair. There are various ways of removing body hair but one of the best is shaving. Whether it is a full stubble or just whiskers you can’t resist, it must be done.

While shaving can be a simple task, it can be a painful experience when someone skips the principles that have been pursued for centuries by generations of men. Doing it the wrong way might just leave your skin with ingrown hair, nicks, razor burns and cuts. Men have totally different face from a woman since men have thicker skin, more facial hair and have bigger sebaceous glands that make their skin oilier. You don’t have to always gave to a barber and pay $20 to have a perfect shave. You can do it in your own bathroom while listening to your favorite music.

Are you ready?

These are some tips from which you should follow to have a world-class shave without the need to go out:

1. First and foremost prep yourself: Frankly speaking most of the men out there just skip the very first step and go straight dragging themselves to the razor through their face, which causes a lot of friction because there is not any layer of protection on the face which causes irritation, razor burns, cuts and nicks. You need to first rinse your face with a shaving foam and lukewarm water, doing this will remove oil and dirt and even the dead skin cells that often clogs up your blades.

Lukewarm water not only moistens your facial hair but also makes it softer thus easier to cut. You might also try having a hot shower before a shave since steam coming from warm water opens up the pores and softens hair. Most barbers also prefer applying moist towel on the face for a few minutes. You should refrain from applying shaving cream or foam on a dry face since it is one of the causes of razor burns and rashes.

2. CompaRoid Advises You to Invest in Good Shaving Cream: The first question that comes to your mind is What is a good shaving cream? Keep calm and shave on! You can visit which has brought you best shaving products reviews to go through with.

A good shaving cream is more creamy than foamy.

The creamier it is the more texture and lubrication it will provide.

Shaving cream not only lubricates the facial hair but also helps removes oil, dirt and dead skin cells, so when you apply razor blade the lubrication protects you from skin cuts. One must keep in mind that facial skin varies from men to men, if you are the one with sensitive skin, opt out for a shaving cream which is particularly for made fir sensitive skins. Avoid using shaving creams most commonly found in stores and contains chemicals such as aerosol because it will damage your skin.

3.Use a Shaving Brush: This may seem a little bit old fashion but using a shaving helps exfoliate the skin, which in turn removes tiny debris around stubble of hair and spreads the shaving cream evenly and thoroughly. Avoid massaging the lather in with fingers.

4. Learn Techniques: A peasized drop of shaving gel is enough, always read the instruction at the back of shaving cream pack. One of the techniques used by barbers is using a circular motion around the facial hair ending with an upward stroke from the face.

5.Choose Your Razor Wisely: Disposable or safety razor? It doesn’t matter just make sure if it is sharp. A dull razor can not only be traumatic to your skin but can also leave your skin with scars, itchiness and razor burns. Are you a daily shaver? If yes you should change the blade or cartridge (if you are using disposable) after every five to ten shaves.

Comparoid recommends you a list of 5 best and popular razor for you.

· Gillette Venus original

· Schick Xtreme-Great for sensitive skin

· Schick Hydro

· Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle-A Razor And A Trimmer

· BIC Twin Select-It’s Cheap And Average

6. Relax Take It Easy: Take it easy when you shave, make sure not to apply too much pressure on the razor and check if the razor is gliding smoothly on your face, let the blade do the work or you.Unless you are an experienced enough to go against the grain means shaving in the opposite direction where the hair is growing don’t even think about it! There are various downsides of shaving against the grain such as razor cuts which would then lead to razor bumps. Inflammation and infection are grave dangers of shaving against the grain. The lip is one of the most sensitive parts and even the smallest cut can have excessive bleeding and can cause infection.

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