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A Man’s Simple Skincare Guideline

It should be any man’s mission to keep his skin looking fresh and maintaining a youthful facial appearance, but it’s undoubtedly difficult and can seem like an overwhelming task to understand and execute. How and when? With what products? Will I see instant results? Fear not, these are all questions that will be answered and will help lead you down the path of healthy and beautiful skin.


Keeping your face clean and healthy will require a little dedication but the results you get from staying on top of it can be rewarding. Cleaning your face is arguably the most important (and most forgotten) part for men within their skin routine. It’s usually best to be done before bed and when you wake up (twice a day); washing your face should be something you look forward to.

For the best success in cleansing your face, you should find a face wash that works best for you and that won’t irritate your face or cause dry skin. Once you locate the product, it’s time to wash up. To start the process, begin by splashing warm water on your face to open up the pores and allow the dirt out. Next, apply the facial wash and scrub in a circular motion, rinsing with cold water. The cooler temperature of the water will close the pores back up and will prevent oil and dirt from re-entering.

Taking the extra five minutes twice a day to simply wash your face can actually have a visible impact and keep you looking youthful and healthy.


While many men think that they should skip the exfoliating step of a skin routine, it’s one of the most important steps and has the biggest impact on your sign of aging. Similarly to face wash, it’s best to rinse your face with an exfoliator 3-4 times a week, scrubbing (not too hard however to cause wrinkles), and then rinsing with cold water to close the pores back up.

Areas like the nose, forehead, neck, and chin will be the most important parts to scrub (especially where facial hair is present) because these exfoliators are what removes the dead skin from your face.

If you’re planning to shave, it’s best to exfoliate beforehand because it will loosen the hair follicles and lead to a smoother shaving experience.


Step 3 of the most basic, yet essential, skin routine is balancing the texture of your face. This is going to vary from person to person, but it’s important to understand your skin type and whether or not you fall more towards the dry skin trend or have a slightly oilier face. If you have dry skin, you’re going to want to apply moisturizer a couple of times per day, but if your face is more oily you’ll only want to apply once.

Moisturizing is extremely important, especially for maintaining a youthful appearance, because it keeps the pores of your face hydrated with the “good” liquids. Keeping your face hydrated with moisturizer will avoid wrinkles and keep you looking energized.


For many men, appearance is a priority. It’s important to find time for both your skincare and grooming to feel and look your best. Taking time to find high-quality razors and shaving products should take precedence when it comes to grooming. The products you use are going to be essential to keeping your face looking nice, and if they leave you with nicks or cuts, it may be time to find something new.

If you’re experiencing troubles getting the perfect shave, look to other items like pre-shave moisturizer or special shaving cream options that can be a safe and healthy applicant to your face (and will also get the job done).

This will for sure have to be an experimental process, but try asking a dermatologist or regular doctor what may work best for you, they may be able to give you some good recommendations.


With summer approaching, it’s even more important to use sunscreen when lounging around outdoors. Applying it to your body and face as well will prevent not only sunburn but also wrinkles. If it’s more in your interest to seek out a moisturizer that has sunscreen combined into it, you will be able to do double-duty with one, easy product. Again, consulting with a doctor about what SPF will work best for your skin will only better the overall health of your skin.

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