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Married couples may turn many things into a routine, but they do not have to do that with their sex life if they learn how to spice it up.

No one likes reruns. They think they are boring and wonder why they keep watching the same thing over and over. Couples that have been married for a while may think that their sex life is like the reruns. They may see it as something that bores them and that they only do because there is nothing else for them.

Even couples married for decades can still find a way to enjoy their sex life. There are many things a couple can do that turn the boring old reruns into an exciting world premiere every time. Finding ways to spice up the sex life will not only help in that area but will also help the couple physically and mentally. It does not take much to learn what to do.

Getting Back the Excitement

Sex is supposed to be exciting. Married couples often end up losing the excitement that they had when they first got married. When a couple has sex for the first time, the excitement comes from the fact that it is new. It is a time to explore and to enjoy. When the newness wears off, so can the excitement. If a married couple wants to spice up their sex life, they have to find ways to bring back the excitement they felt the first time. These are some of the things they can do.

1. Discuss Sexual problems– As men and women get older, their body changes. Many people run into sexual problems. Erectile dysfunction, pain during intercourse and other similar problems can make a person not want to have sex. The problems take away the enjoyment and the excitement. The biggest sexual problem a married couple has is that they are embarrassed. They don’t want their partner to think that they are not able to perform in bed. By discussing these issues, a couple can support each other and begin to find ways around the different problems. There are plenty of ways to enjoy sex even if there are a few sexual problems.

2. Communicate– Couples married for many years think they know each other. They think they know how to pleasure their partner. That is not always the case. Instead of assuming that you know what your partner likes, talk to each other. Communicate before, during and after sex. The lines that open up will make both people in a marriage more excited about their sex life. One of the most important things to communicate with your partner about is what makes you feel good. Let them know what you want to be done during sex. Consider showing them how to give you the best orgasm. Masturbate in front of your partner so they can see what makes you feel good. It adds more than just a little spice to the married sex life.

3. Try Something New– People get comfortable in their marriage. They fall into patterns. The problem is that falling into the same thing every time is boring when it comes to sex. The solution is simple, look for new things to try. The great thing about sex is there is always something new to try. Start out by having sex in different rooms and different positions. Consider adding things to supplement the sex such as toys and porn. It is also possible to bring in a special element that can get very exciting. The use of video sex chat is something new for a married couple to try. Video sex chat can happen in many ways. The couple can engage in it through webcams when distance separates them. There are also sex chat rooms that allow a married couple to share their experience with someone else. It is a safe way to include something new in the sex life.

4. Exercise– The number one excuse that married couples have for not having sex is that they are tired. They feel worn out from the grind of the day. One of the best ways to boost energy levels is through exercise. It is one of the best ways to overcome that feeling of always being tired. In addition, there is nothing sexier than having sex while all sweaty after working out. It also does not take long for the exercise to tone the body which can also spice up the sex. In addition to working out to increase energy, there are also exercises that can improve the sex acts. Kegel exercises can help a woman tighten the muscles in the vagina. They can also help the men boost their performance in bed.

5. Have a Naked Sunday– Married couples can spice up their sex life by adding a few games to their life. Naked Sunday is a day where they do not wear any clothes during the day. This can lead to anticipation of something that will happen later. There are plenty of other different ideas to come up with similar to naked Sunday. The key to making a naked Sunday, sex toy Saturday or throwback Thursday work is scheduling it. Write it down somewhere that you see it every day. That can help build up the suspense about what will happen that day. It gives time to think about special things to do that day. It turns a normal boring day where you had sex into a day that you remember for the sex and for everything that led up to it.

6. Mix Things Up– The biggest problem that married couples run into when it comes to their sex life is falling into a rut. They have sex in the same room, the same bed and the same way every time. There is nothing to look forward to. That is why it is so important to mix things up. There are plenty of different ways to have sex and to find pleasure. Married couples need to explore those different things. They need to follow their fantasies and share them with their partner. When looking to mix things up, it is okay to start out slow. It is also good to do some research to find some new ideas. Online chat sites and other resources can provide a few ideas about different ways to pleasure both partners.

7. Unpack the Benefits of Erotic Massage – Sex is more than just the act of intercourse. That is something that many married couples seem to forget. While intercourse can bring pleasure, there are other things a married couple can do that offer even more pleasure. Erotic massage is one of those things. Slowly caressing of the body in a room with soft music and the right lighting is something that almost never gets boring. The more a couple practices this, the more pleasure they get out of it.


These are a few of the ways that a married couple can spice up their sex life. There are others. The key is for a couple to want to discover the things that they like. They need to want to explore and discover different ways to find the pleasure that sex provides.

The danger of these tricks to spice up the sex life is that they can also fall into a rut. If a couple only chooses to add one thing to their sex life, they may not get everything they want. It is okay to combine all the tricks and other ones to improve the sex life after you get married. The fewer limits you put on your and your partners’ sex life, the more exciting it will stay.


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