It’s no wonder that more and more people suffer from anxiety or that stress has triggered many other illnesses. The reason behind why so many people start feeling apprehensive and nervous is due to the inability to channel things. The constant pressure from the outside world, the workload, the hectic lifestyle, and endless commuting hours contribute to the rise of stress levels. And it’s also a never-ending endeavor to learn how to cope with those issues effectively. Nobody should neglect their state, and the second you feel you will simple burst, you need to take a deep breath and count backward from 10. Or read this guide thoroughly and discover some of the best ways for quick stress relief that will last longer than you may think.

Go for a mindful stroll

Walking and fresh air – what more can you ask for. One study shows that if you were to spend a minimum of 30 minutes outdoor and preferably do some light and mindful activity, like walking, you would immediately combat stress and anxiety. A quick stroll alone or with a friend around the neighborhood will help you restore your thoughts, enhance your concentration levels, and help you restore your peace of mind.

Practice slow breathing

For centuries, our ancestors have utilized various breathing techniques to help them combat stress. Slow, deep breaths have numerous benefits to our mental and physical health. Breathing can help lower blood pressure and heart rate, and even help you relieve anxiety. The key is to implement the right technique. Yoga breathing technique might be the best. You need to extend your inhalations and exhalations as you walk, count the steps during each full inhale, and exhale. Do this slowly and deeply as the key is to take ten steps or more for each inhale and exhale.

Enhance your sleep

This fast-paced lifestyle can leave anybody drained. And if you strive to improve your brain function, mood, and even your muscle strength, you need to maximize time spent in deep sleep. Even if you don’t have trouble sleeping, you need to give your brain a boost with a nourishing amino acid called theanine to improve your sleep. If you were to get the beneficial ashwagandha supplement, you would nourish your brain and at the same time upscale your overall health.


Not all people can do this activity appropriately, but everybody can learn how to meditate for at least 2 minutes. Meditation brings short-term stress relief, but the benefits are long-lasting. In some meditational practices, you might need to utilize a special mantra that you repeat in your mind with an appropriate set of inhales and exhales. Taking deep breaths is crucial when meditating, but you could only take a few minutes to practice mindfulness and quickly restore your old self.

Read an alluring book

Nothing can beat a good book. Even if you are not a bookworm, you must have some genre that you love reading. In the book, you can dwell into a whole other world, escape from the daily world and leave all the nasty grind behind. Reading helps you unwind and acts as an instant stress reliever, so it’s a proven way to escape from reality and leave your worries behind. At least for an hour or two.

Eat chocolate

You’ve heard it well! If you were to consume one bar of chocolate per day (or less) it can automatically help you calm your nerves. Dark chocolate especially helps regulate levels of the stress hormone cortisol and stabilizes your metabolism. Not only that, but eating chocolate has proven to be beneficial in many other ways – it provides relief from inflammation, lowers blood pressure, improves brain function, and uplifts your mood.

Try out aromatherapy

Humans have used aromatherapy for thousands of years if not more, and it’s a proven remedy for anybody who is feeling stressed, demotivated, or agitated. Aromatherapy probably has real benefits for stress relief as it can easily make you feel more serene, energized, or more present at the moment. You can place aromatherapy diffusers around your home or light candles when you arrive home. Lavender and mint but also other scents alter brain wave activity and effectively decrease stress hormones in the body.

Treat yourself to a massage

You don’t need to experience certain back or neck pain in order to go for a relaxing massage. Massage represents a fantastic way to realize tension from your muscles, but it also contributes to the reduction of stress hormones. Your blood will start flowing faster, your joints will be more mobile and flexible, and you will feel relaxed and tranquil. All of these things help elevate your mood, so don’t hesitate to spend a few extra bucks and visit a professional.

Sip green tea

Not many drinks have that immediate relief feel like green tea. Even if you are not a big fan of tea, green tea has just enough caffeine and a lot of L-Theanine which is an amazing chemical that helps relieve anger. You can drink it hot or cold, but if you were to take slow soothing sips throughout the day, your mood will be enhanced.

Discover mandala drawing

Sharpen your crayons (and buy ones if you don’t have them) and get an adult coloring book that is filled with an abundance of dazzling mandala drawings. These petite shapes and ornaments will totally occupy your brain that you would be utterly lost in your thoughts. It’s no wonder that adult coloring books have risen in popularity over the last decade as they act as a powerful stress reliever.

Incorporate a balanced diet

Food that we consume during the day have also an enormous effect on our mood. A poor diet with carbs and saturated fats and refined sugar can cause obesity and long-term stress. If you want to lead a healthy life and not experience emotional eating, you must eat a balanced diet. Consumes foods that are high in protein and healthy fat to combat stress, such as meat, eggs, avocado, and walnuts. Many specific food items can elevate your mood and regulate your weight and energy.

Don’t let stress and agitated situations take a toll on you. Practice these quick stress relief activities every day, or change them according to your mood, but never stop working on uplifting your body and soul.

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