Nothing is as crucial as being secure. Security means safety, and safety, on the other hand, is an act of being safe and not feel threatened by anything. People that insure their property are mindful of getting their property secured such that if anything happens to it, they have what it takes to restore it. Therefore ensuring a helps in indemnity against a future occurrence of a particular event, but this is not the only way of getting your property secure as there are ways to get your property safe from theft and other deviance act in both an organization and home which is CCTV surveillance. Although we do employ security agencies to help monitor our goods against theft act, being a human, there is a limit to what they can do as they cannot be everywhere. Therefore, are you running a big or mini supermarket and running into debt because of different theft acts from both customer and your staff, and looking for a way out? Worry no more! CCTV security is the way out. Using the CCTV Surveillance system helps in monitoring activities going around in the premises, it doesn’t limit to that but also helps in collecting information and making decisions. That is where we come in at Hikvision CCTV, Uganda. At Hikvision CCTV Uganda, our CCTV installation does not limit to a supermarket but also in schools, homes, and other organizations.

Major Reasons You Should Install a CCTV?

  • Fear of crimes in your organization? Let’s improve the situation using top-notch video surveillance.
  • Video surveillance often leads to using of low manpower that reduces the security cost in your organization.
  • Using video surveillance you can check every person’s activity, which will help to maximize the output from each and every professional working in your office.
  • Leaving home behind for a couple of days and thinking about security? A video surveillance camera will keep possible criminals, thieves, out of your way.
  • Video surveillance can substantially reduce the security and safety cost in an organization.
  • In most of the IP cameras, you can check the activity in your house or office remotely. This will help you to check, what is your baby doing when you are not at home and kept him to a caregiver.
  • Having installed CCTV in an organization encourages its users to behave gently and discourages users to perform any illegal activities. Thus improves the overall performance of the employees and users.

Why you need Hikvision CCTV  installation?

  • As a professional in CCTV installation, we will identify the perfect place to mount the surveillance
  • We are always ready to assist you when you face facing any challenges with the CCTV camera we install for you
  • Running a supermarket and doesn’t want to run loss, we will help in installing CCTV cameras at cogent places, which will help in monitor your stocks and store in general.
  • Hikvision CCTV’s are capable of gathering information that is useful to identify any potential threats.
  • When it comes to the matter of security, you should not compromise with the quality of the work. Hence Hikvision CCTV Uganda’s services would be able to conquer your heart by its top-class customer service and satisfaction.

At Hikvision CCTV Uganda, we run a different type of CCTV camera such as

IP cameras

this is one of the best quality cameras you will get from us at Hikvision CCTV Uganda. This camera is characterized by good and quality images, either there is light or not. Therefore, as an individual who runs a supermarket, this particular CCTV is the best as it will capture everywhere. This camera has both rotating and static type, get in touch with us to give you the best IP camera experience.

Analog Cameras

at Hikvision CCTV Uganda, you can get Turbo HD camera, HD-SDI cameras, and CCD camera all with quality and perfect pictures regardless of which one you chose or that we install for you. Thus, we can install the analog cameras correctly for you both for houses and organizations.

HDTVI and HDCVI camera [High Definition Transport Video Interface] and [High Definition Composite Video Interface]

It is another one of the best CCTV cameras we install at Hikvision CCTV Uganda. As this camera is featured with both front end and back end encoder, this helps in sending and receiving chips, respectively. The camera we install does not limit to this. Therefore, for all types of cameras installation for any purpose for home and other organizations, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Hikvision CCTV Uganda to experience the best CCTV installation experience.



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