If you are a fan of the Back To The Future franchise chances are the year 2015 has been on your brain for quite some time. There was supposed to be flying cars, rejuvenation clinics, and hover-boards, but obviously none of that has come into fruition.

However, not all is lost as Nike might be keeping their vision of the future alive.

A Nike executive has confirmed that the popular shoe company is indeed working on a “Back To The Future” shoe, which will be known as the Nike Air MAG. The shoe will be released sometime in 2015–and yes–it does feature power laces.

While speaking at the Agenda Emerge industry conference, Nike innovation chief Tinker Hatfield didn’t give to much info on the shoe’s possible release or price. However, he did speak to sneaker blog NiceKicks, and advised those wanting the show to be patient, as there are still 11.75 months left in 2015.

According to an interview with Mashable, NiceKicks publisher Matt Halfhill stated consumers need to ease their excitement a little when it pertains to the Nike Air MAG.

“The anticipation for this release is something that few understand, I don’t even know if everyone at Nike realizes just how much demand there is for this shoe”

This isn’t Nike’s first foray into power lace shoes, as they have teased consumers with the shoe since 2011, when Nike dropped a promotional video displaying their futuristic creation. During that time, Nike auctioned off 1,500 pairs of the shoes with proceeds benefiting the Michael J. Fox foundation, which helps fight Parkinson’s Disease.

This time around, there will be more than 1,500 pairs produced, and while it isn’t a hoverboard or a flying car, power lace shoes are certainly a nice start.

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