dallas mavericks

How passionate are you about the Dallas Mavericks? Are you reading articles or listening as some commentator rips your team’s performance?

The Mavericks are playing out possibly the last season of Dirk Nowitzki’s career but he still has talent surrounding him. How do you feel about being a voice that gets to write about your favorite team? There is no quota to meet. You can write as much as you want. We understand that everyone has a life and we will never expect you to do more than you can.

If you ever thought about journalism, this is the place for you. Most of our sports writers have been featured in Bleacher Report, Yahoo Sports, SB Nation, just to name a few. We’re dedicated to getting your work seen by the masses and not just the people on your Facebook wall. Our site has been around for four years and we have continued to climb that ever so competitive ladder. When a site first goes live it begins in the 10M range, as you grow, so does your rankings.

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Currently, we are ranked by Alexa

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We are not quite up there with the bigger sites, but for an independent, we are making a little noise in this business. With your help, we will continue to rise. We have a great group of writers and editors within our team and will do everything in our will to help you succeed.

Yes, this is a PAID position. BUT, you make what you earn. Writers are paid monthly, as with most sites it’s a pay by view deal. The more views you get, the more money in your pocket. There is no middle man, your article, your very own ads= cash in your pocket.

Here are a few quotes from some of Inscriber’s writers:

I enjoy writing for INSC because it allows me to voice my opinions on the topics I enjoy. I can pick my own topics, and express my own thoughts… Kenny

The Inscriber gives me a great platform to write what I want and when I want. It also has a wonderful community of writers who are passionate about what they do. It’s the perfect storm to push me and my writing… Jeff

Reason to write for inscriber. Forward thinking fun professional environment to work in. Excellent opportunities and great communication between editors and writers…. Ralph

The Inscriber let’s you write from the heart. When we write, we put everything we have into it. There is no censorship. And the best part is, all the writers are part of a family that back each other no matter what…. Nick

If sports is not your go-to subject that’s okay. We have Entertainment, Fashion, Lifestyle, Religion, Automotive and much more. We have the platform to help you grow. Stop being shy, fill out the sign-up form below and become a part of our growing team.

You don’t want to be on the outside looking in, reading how Inscriber made major moves but you didn’t take advantage in the past. Now is your time, if you’re ready, we’re ready.

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