Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is here again! Did you just groan instead of smiling? Even though this time of the year is fun, it can also cause a lot of stress. More specifically, it can put a lot of stress on your wallet. Giving might be better than receiving, but it’s not so much fun when you’re broke.

Fortunately, there are ways to give amazing gifts to your family and friends without hurting your wallet too much.

Never heard of them?

Read on below for some economical inspiration!

Construct a Blanket

Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are usually around in winters for many regions, so what’s better than a blanket for your loved ones? These don’t have to cost much as long as you’re on the crafty side! You can knit squares and sew them together for a patchwork effect. There are other ideas for homemade blankets too.

Alternatively, look up some videos online to learn how you can make a blanket without the knitting and sewing. There are several tutorials on using just scraps of cloth and tying them together to form a large rig or blanket. Managing your money becomes a lot easier with online guidance.

Grab Some Mason Jars

Holiday Gift Guide


Mason jars are a weakness for many millennials. This is no surprise, as there’s no end to the number of projects you can do with these useful containers. Fill them up with homemade candy, hot chocolate mixes, cake mixes, cookies, or regular store-bought candy.

If you can’t even buy something to fill in them, grab any pretty paper you have lying around the house. Write little notes on them and watch your friends’ faces light up as they read how special they are every day of the year!

You can also transform a mason jar into several other items. A candle, a vase, or a stained-glass decoration are some ideas to get you started.

Show Your Artistic Skills

If you’re a whiz with the brush or the pen, you can make something original of your own work to give away this season. Writing is an especially economic activity, as all it requires is a pen and some nice paper. A story, poem, or even a narration of any special event is surely something your friends would cherish.

You may also fancy yourself an artist, or perhaps a calligrapher? Work on something that you know the other person would like, such as their name written on stiff paper.

Give Away Cute Baskets of Homemade Cupcakes

Holiday Gift Guide

You don’t have to use a mason jar for gifting those delicious cookies or candy everyone’s so crazy about. Make chocolate bark, brownies, cupcakes, granola bars, and other treats on your own and wrap these delicious gifts into cute baskets or boxes. First see what ingredients you have at home or can get cheap, then get to work!

Come up with a New Trend: Recipes

If you’re a cooking aficionado, help out your friends with your gift this season. Make notecards detailing your own special recipes and putting them in a box the old-fashioned way. If the intended recipient is interested in cooking but is a complete novice, try to include some of the simpler ones.

Wrapping Everything Up!

Putting some thought and effort into a gift can actually make it better than the expensive tidbits you buy in a store. That way, you can save your money, win hearts, and spare your wallet at the same time!

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