Drones are one of the hottest items of the year, and with Christmas just around the corner, they’re one of the hottest gifts this holiday season.

The FAA speculated that a million of the machines could sell this holiday season – that’s a lot of added traffic to the sky.

The FAA recently proposed a new policy where all drone pilots must register their multi-rotor. Luckily for enthusiasts across the nation the new registration seems painless and quick – something many in the industry were worried about.

As the market expands, manufacturers are pumping out new models. Unfortunately for the average holiday shopper buying a drone without any technical knowledge can be rather difficult. The high-tech language and obscure features included in each model might not make a ton of sense, at least to someone who has never seen a drone before.

Are you gifting a drone this year and have no idea what you’re doing? The first thing to do is understand why the person you’re buying a drone for wants one. Are they looking to expand their surfing videos and take them to the next level? Are they looking to get outdoors and enjoy the art of flight? Are they trying to build their own quad copter and race it?

As the uses for drones expand, so do the product lines.

Luckily for purchasers this Christmas season, Buy the Best Drone created a graphic to make your buying decision easier.


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