Long Island is one of the key districts in southeast New York, with a growing population of almost 8 million. The peninsula is made up of four counties, including the boroughs of Brooklyn and Queensland and two independent areas.

The two independent towns are Nassau with two cities and three towns and Suffolk County, which has ten municipalities. Though LIC is known for its vibrant atmosphere with home architecture that ranges from contemporary to modern bungalow, most homeowners still possess their basements like blank canvases.

Basement Finishing in Long Island is one great way of utilizing the space to get its full potential. Some essential elements to include in your basement finishing project this year should consist of modern touches to increase its market potentials. Read on…

  1. Go for Green Alternatives to Your Basement Remodeling Project

Green projects are getting more popular, given that the current technology allows such a system compared to the previous years. The availability of eco-friendly materials and home improvement supplies makes it possible to achieve greener solutions for your home.

This is true, especially for environment-conscious families who would like to make their home energy efficient and acquire an eco-friendly approach to their basement remodeling. If you need more space in your home, whether you are set to have it rented or provide your family with additional space, going green is a cost-saving alternative.

Some benefits of going for an eco-friendly solution to a basement finishing in Long Island include:

  • Healthier ventilation options with lesser contaminants for your indoor air quality
  • Getting high-quality materials last longer than conventional panels like drywall
  • Basement remodeling projects with less impact on the environment
  • An energy-efficiency equipment setting with lower heating and cooling expenditure
  • Comfortable temperatures for your home’s interior
  1. Make Your Basement Energy-Efficient

Making your basement energy-efficient would entail a robust project plan which can only be done by experienced professionals. There should be proper lighting options, to begin with, because a basement naturally has poor natural lighting. LEDs and fluorescent bulbs are inexpensive upgrades to your lighting system.

Nonetheless, the most critical component if making your basement energy efficient is installing an insulating finish with the proper material thickness. Most often, the basement insulation varies based on the location of your house. An R-value is required to estimate the measures of insulation ability for better thermal performance.

Wood-framed dwellings, particularly those in Long Island, should be retrofitted with an R-5 to R-8 insulative sheathing wall before the installation of a new siding. In today’s environment where practicality makes the difference, having an energy-efficient house will help you save in the long run. Achieving a sound basement project is only done with the right contractor who can find the right potentials to your unused space.

  1. Opt to Include Modern Interiors with Classic Architecture

Most homes in Long Island still carry the romantic vibe of the European luxury with carved moldings on ceilings and vast hallways. Following through with that interior into your basement will give it a unified look and feel.

Nonetheless, adding some touches of modernism will provide it with a luxurious ambiance that is both classy and inviting. There are limitless options when choosing to stay with the existing interior design of your home.

For example, you can add a European wood leather sofa and combine it with a modern coffee table and a smart television screen. Such a combination provides your basement renovation project a unique and classic look for your family to enjoy.

Repurposing your basement to become a part of your living space is the right way of taking advantage of every area in your house. It deserves to become more than just a blank canvas in your home.

  1. Create Some Interesting Focal Points in Your Basement

One of the best ways to create a functional living space in your basement is to create a focal point that will add features to make it more interesting. It can be in the form of many architectural elements, including an open rail staircase, a stone accent wall, a free-standing custom bar, or an electric fireplace where your friends and family can gather.

There are many ways to remodel your basement, and it can even be remodeled to become an additional room for your growing family. Basements are not just meant to become storage spaces for our family’s non-essential things. Nor is it just said to become a place for our heating and cooling units.

Also you are looking for basement design ideas to turn that unused space under your home into something incredible? Great basement design idea is to reserve a dedicated area for flex space

Creating a unique space out of your lower ground floor will give you an extra room for family enjoyment. A basement finishing in Long Island won’t be as good if you only go for DIY projects. A contractor with the right experience and reliable contracting service guarantees you get what you want out of your basement.

Author Bio: Alison Lurie is a copywriter and content strategist. She helps businesses stop playing around with content marketing and start seeing the tangible ROI. She loves writing as much as she loves the cake.


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