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Which CPU is Best for Day Trading Computers

When there’s such an abundance of different processors, choosing the right one can be quite confusing. That’s why novice traders often become overwhelmed while trying to figure out the best setup for day trading stocks. In reality, there’s no “one size fits all” approach when trading. Of course, you shouldn’t panic. The following guide may provide a better insight on which CPU may work best for day trading stocks.

Web Browser Tests

Firstly, browser tests like JetStream and Google Octane run multiple simulations typical for modern web applications. They are excellent for comparing web-based trading platforms. Perhaps, a quick check with either program may show that the new 9th Gen chips all top the chart.

Surprisingly, the i5 9600K beats all its 7th and 8th Gen rivals. Perhaps, another test with the WebXPRT suite proves that this CPU provides the best value of all processors. Of course, its 9th Gen i7 9700K and i9 9900K show the best results split by a tiny margin. On the other hand, the so-called “enthusiast” Intel Skylake X chips don’t impress at all.

CPU Tests

In terms of CPU, the PassMark testing suite offers a significant number of tests of various processors. They allow for valid identification of the strengths of the particular CPU. The overall CPU score shows that the Skylake X i9 7900X comes on top of the chart. Moreover, the i9 9900K comes in second.

Furthermore, a single thread performance test is yet another sub-test of the previous CPU benchmark. The idea of this test is to evaluate the raw speed of each processor when single-tasking. Again, the 9th Gen i7 and i9 come way ahead to offer the fastest single-thread speed. Here, the i5 9600K edges out the i7 8700K with a negligible lead. Since the web browser tests don’t utilize any multitasking capabilities, it’s clear why the i5 9600K shows better performance.

However, the results from a Handbrake multi-tasking performance test are entirely different. The program converts one video format to another, which can be very demanding on the processor. Eventually, the software may scale up as many cores as possible, engaging all processing cores and spreading the workloads.

Of course, it’s easy to realize that the higher the number of cores, the better the performance. Arguably, the i9 7900X gets a decent 8% lead with its ten centers. The 9900K comes in second, but it’s almost half the price of the 7900X. Ultimately, you’d want to have this in mind when choosing a CPU for day trading stocks.

Graphics Tests

If you plan on trading, you’d mainly want a computer that shows excellent 2D performance. Since all trading interfaces and charts use a 2D graphics engine, you’d want a correlative CPU performance. Arguably, the i7 7700K tops the test, followed by 9700K. The i5 9600K and i7 8700K have very insignificant differences.

Furthermore, the 3D graphics test may not be as essential for day trading stocks. Still, it may be useful for gamers or CAD engineers who create 3D models. Usually, standard trading software allows users to draw a chart using lines and vector shapes quickly. Therefore, the impact of 3D performance on your trading programs is virtually non-existent.

RAM & Hard Drive Tests

Every trader workstation needs to have a decent amount of short term storage and a fast hard drive. The RAM wiped itself clean on a system restart. On the other hand, the programs and files remain to exist in your long-term storage drive. Typically, there are different grades of hard drives and RAM.

Luckily, all short-term memory excels in terms of speed. However, moving from a conventional HDD to a solid-state drive can show a massive improvement in response times. Still, don’t expect an SSD to impact the response time for your trading software.

Overall Evaluation of the Best CPU for Day Trading Stocks

As a result, there are clear winners in some categories. On the other hand, sometimes the little margins don’t matter that much. Arguably, the 9900K, the 9700K, and the i7 8700K show the best overall performances. Perhaps, your best budget-friendly option for day trading stocks might be the i5 9600K. It doesn’t disappoint and showcases excellent value for its money.

Which CPU is the Most Affordable for Web-Based Trading Apps?

If you’re looking for the cheapest configuration for day trading stocks, get an i3 7100. It’s decent enough to run web-based trading applications. However, you may need an i3 8350K if you plan on running multiple charts simultaneously. Nevertheless, you may want to step it up a notch. In such cases, go straight for the i5 9600K for excelling multitasking on the market.

Which is the Fastest CPU for Multiple Trading Platforms?

Generally, running multiple trading platforms may require better multi-task performance scores. For this reason, you’d need at least an i5 8600K. Other than that, you can simply purchase an i5 9600K. It’s a reliable and affordable pick that’s far better than all 8th Gen chips.

Of course, the i5 can’t match the mighty i9 9900K. When it comes to multitasking, it easily edges out the i7 9700K. However, the latter may provide better value due to its similar performance.

Which is the Fastest CPU for Multi-Threaded Trading Software?

If you want a CPU with strong multi-threaded performance, get a Skylake X chip. Indeed, some traders want to have the best of both worlds when day trading stocks. If you’re both into multi-threaded and single-threaded productivity, then choose the i9 9900K. Its attractive price nearly reaches the i9 7900X in multi-threaded workloads. Besides, it’s half the price of its faster rival.

The Best CPUs for Day Trading Stocks

All in all, everybody will have a different suggestion. Therefore, there’s no clear answer as to which CPU is the best for day trading stocks. Ultimately, you’d want a processor that best suits your trading style. If you’re into productive day trading, Trading Computers is the best place to get you started.

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