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Home Décor: Commonly Used Grab Bars in the Bathing and Toileting Area

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Introduction To Grab Bars

Grab bars are a rail that can be installed onto the walls of the home in order to provide a sense of safety to vulnerable individuals. The rail can be used for people to hold onto whilst they move around their homes to avoid slips or falls that could easily result in injury. If you, or someone you know, find it difficult to remain stable while standing or walking for extended periods of time, a grab bar may be the right product for you.

There are many different types of grab bars available on the market, so it is essential to choose the right option for each individual user.

Types of Grab Bars

There is a range of different grab bar styles that can be utilized within the home. Each of these safety aids has a different set of functionalities, and it is important to analyze which aid would be best suited to the individual you are buying for. Here are some different types of grab bars that can be purchased:

  • LED Grab Bars include sound-activated lighting that allows the user to easily see and navigate their spaces at night time or in low lighting situations. This makes it easier for the user to see the aid, and for them to use their bathroom with added lighting at all times. This type of grab bar can be purchased in a range of looks, including stainless steel, matte black, gunmetal, white or gold, meaning that the safety aid can still be a stylish addition to any space. Different lengths of LED grab bars are also available, including 12, 16, 18, 24 and 36-inch variations.
  • Standard Grab Bars are self-explanatory. These are the basic grab bars that provide security and safety to vulnerable individuals, such as the elderly and disabled. These grab bars are designed with a concealed mount, meaning there is no part of the aid that sticks out in a way that could cause injury to a user. These bars are available in multiple different finishes, lengths, and diameter. Diameter may be important if the user the aid is intended for struggles to grip objects, or if their hands happen to be on the smaller side.
  • ABS Grab Bars are a plastic style of grab bar which offers a section of textured handle to make gripping the aid easier for those who may struggle to maintain a tight grip. These styles often support less weight than their steel counterparts, but could still support the bodyweight of a majority of users. Weight is an important factor to consider when purchasing a grab bar, as some options may not be intended to support the bodyweight of the user, but rather just act as a support mechanism. Knowing the weight restrictions of the aid, and how the user will be interacting with the aid is essential.
  • Night Glow Grab Bars are somewhat similar to LED grab bars, in that they provide extra visibility for the safety aid in low lighting situations. These safety aids are made from ABS plastic, meaning they also have extra grip support. As this aid is made out of ABS plastic, it does not support the same amount of weight as those made of steel, so it is essential to know the weight or the user, and weight restriction of the grab bar.
  • Suction Support Grab Bars are great solutions for users who may want the ability to move their safety aid around from time to time. Suction grab bars can be fixed to any non-porous, flat surface, such as glass, tiles or mirrors, making them the perfect safety solution for bathrooms. These aids are designed to help users who may need balance support, meaning that they aren’t intended to support the bodyweight of a user.
  • Grab Bars with Added Functionality are a great way to add both style and utility to your safety aid. Grab bars with towel holders, toilet roll holders or shelving can be purchased making them functional to users who may not necessarily need support with balance or stability. Added functionality grab bars are an excellent option for users who may be sharing their bathroom with non-vulnerable users.

Other Commonly Used Toilet Aids With Grab Bars

If you or someone you are shopping for requires a grab bar, they could also find use in other bathroom and toilet aids that are designed to make the space safe in order for vulnerable people to remain independent. Here are some of the aids that may be useful to elderly or disabled users.

  • Tub and Shower Transfer Benches aid users in bathing. It allows the user to remain seated while they get in and out of the bathtub, reducing the risk of slips and falls when using the tub.
  • Toilet Safety Frames are a great addition to the bathroom if a user has mobility or stability issues. This safety rail that sits around the toilet bowl provides something for the user to hold onto and use to lower down and lift up from the toilet seat.

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