Shutters are playing a crucial role to give the home a chic look. They give a finishing touch to the exterior of the home. This is the main reason for which it is important to select the right of the shutters that will meet the exterior needs of your home.

Why Selecting Shutter Color is Important?

Shutter colors have a huge impact on the aesthetic value of the home. They give a new look to the exterior of the home which is not possible by just applying colors on the walls. Most of the designers use three colors in their homes. They apply base color on the larger area of the home and different side colors in the other areas which are not as larger as the previous one. So, there is a close relationship between the window and shutter color. Therefore, to finish your home with an excellent look, you need to choose an appropriate shutter color that will give a perfect impression to the onlookers.

Various Shutter Colors to Choose

  • Navy Blue Shutter Color

Most people prefer navy blue shutter color due to getting a unique identity for their home. Unlike black colored shutters, these shutters mainly give a perfect smart look which is important and identical. But navy blue will shun the traditional look of your home and if you have stone siding or tan, midnight blue shutter color will really give you a great advantage. But there are various other colors you can also choose that can give a perfect combination to the home. These colors include yellow, red brick, natural cedar shakes, and cream color.

  • Black Color Shutter

Black shutters are popular as traditional and if you love to live in a traditional looking home, opt for these shutters.  Because they are mainly working virtually and they add different definitions and elegance to the home. Black shutter color looks great when it is being decorated with the white or red exterior color. If you have exposed the bricks of the walls, these black shutters will work excellently and they beautifully complement the style and looks.

  • White Color Shutter

White color shutter is just the opposite of the black shutters. These are timeless and they complement various materials and colors and when the wind gets trimmed, these shutters look larger. If you have any bold exterior color, these white color shutters will work excellently. People, who love simplicity, mainly opt for these white color shutters. Because these shutters will come with a stunning combination with the store and natural wood shakes.

  • Green Color Shutter

Most of the homeowners love green color shutters. These are popular for their outstanding combination of various exterior colors that you have applied with the outside of the home. There are various colors including deep hues, hunter green colors are also available that the people prefer to come with all these things rightly. If you have done any traditional work outside of your home, green shutters will perfectly fit with that. Homeowners who have a large garden in front of their homes, they do like to install these windows. If your home is made with bricks, you should go for dark green shutters. At the present time, lighter green shutters are most popular compared to other green outdoor shutters.

  • Blue Color Shutters

Blue color shutters are highly popular compared to the other color shutters available in the market. These are certainly providing a great and charming look which is always a matter of satisfaction for the homeowners. Rather than navy blue, there are medium blues that are a great selection of shutter colors that gives a great complement to the home exteriors. Because, blue color shutters just like blue color jeans, and they can easily give a unique identity to the home. They can easily make a great combination with different colors including grey, red, cream and yellow. These are perfect to fit with stone or bricks walls.

  • Red Color Shutters

Unlike other shutters, red shutters are a great choice for people who prefer the classic look to their homes. These shutters perfectly match with red doors and homeowners always want their shutters to match appropriately with their exterior. However, it is entirely depending on the shade along with bright or dark red shed. If your home exterior is white in color, you can choose these red shutters. They mainly give a perfect combination with the white color.

  • Purple Shutters

If you love bold colors on the exterior, purple color shutters are great to choose from. These are elegant and able to provide you a classic look that is not possible to grab from others. If you have deep purple shutters, they will match perfectly with cream and gray color exterior.


These are some of the best popular colors and that you can choose for the home. Choosing these colors are entirely depending on the homeowner and the exterior color he has applied.


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